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Written by Joseph P. Busch, B.A., D.C.   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 00:00 Read : 1140 times

Dr. Steve Kraus, founder of Future Health software, has found a way to bring free practice management software to the market.  Is it compliant with the law?  What's the Catch?  You'll have to read the interview for the answers. 

TAC correspondent interviewer, Dr. Bill Koch caught up with chiropractic acupuncture sage, Dr. John Amaro to discuss how Dr. Amaro’s pursuit of acupuncture shaped his practice philosophy. Warning, this interview has the ability to completely change how you practice. Check it out!

Last, but certainly not least, we have a few articles on traction/ decompression for you.  According to the 2010 Practice Analysis Survey put out by the NBCE,  48 % of you are using some form of “mechanical assisted traction/ decompression” in your clinic.  Flip to page 64 to read Dr. Rick Busch’s article “Is Spinal Decompression Deluded, Diluted or Dead?”, then for Dr. Randy Reed’s “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Traction”, and wrap it up with Dr. Jay Kennedy’s article, “Decompression, Deception and the Magic Machine”.
Finally, The American Chiropractor’s 2.0 website version is now available. Go to to register. Leave a comment on any article you may want!


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