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Written by Joseph P. Busch, B.A., D.C.   
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C1_TAC_Vol33No9_144xEvery major company that works in the service industry has some sort of a marketing plan.  Hospitals have one.  Pharmaceutical companies have one.  Nursing homes have one.  When it comes to the subject of marketing plans, wouldn’t it be nice if you had one?  Take the first step to marketing your chiropractic clinic in a clean, well studied, professional manner by reading  “Why Advertise?” on page 12, in which guest author William Salazar, gives you some guidance on just a few of the things he’s picked up along the way.

Eric Kaplan, D.C. revisits the pages with some words from Dr. James Parker on marketing, as applicable today as when they were first spoken.  Find the article “Marketing is a Frame of Mind” on page 18.  Chris Pleuger breaks down the modern social networking platforms in her article, “It’s Not Just About Google Anymore” for us on page 56.  That’s not all though, look to the right for other topics that interest you.

Speaking of social networking, be sure to follow us on twitter at AmericanChiro.

I’ll leave you with this quote from well known advertising consultant Stuart Britt, “For a business not to advertise is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but no one else does.”

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Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.

Managing Director

The American Chiropractor Magazine

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