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Stay Fit Seniors®: As U.S. ‘Health Crisis’ Worsens, Life-Changing New Book Empowers Seniors to Exercise, Eat Well & Prosper
Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Friday, 11 October 2013 00:21
Following the acclaimed success of The Stay Fit Circuit Physical Activity Wellness Programs™, Drs. Roger A. Russo and Anthony Lauro are today announcing a powerful new book that will help motivate any senior and baby boomer keep fit, better their diet and avoid life-threatening diabetes, obesity and heart disease. With America’s healthcare system more costly than ever before, purchasing a copy of ‘Stay Fit Seniors: Saving Seniors, Baby Boomers and America’s Healthcare Costs’ could literally save readers’ lives.
stayfitseniorsbookNew York City, NY – It’s a shocking yet unsurprising fact; the United States spends more of its GDP on healthcare than any other nation in the world. While millions turn to the Government for answers, New York’s Dr. Roger A. Russo and Dr. Anthony Lauro are urging Americans, especially seniors, to point their fingers back at themselves and take responsibility for their poor lifestyle choices. In a bold effort to help older Americans improve their health, longevity and ultimately their country’s healthcare system, Russo and Lauro have released a compelling new book.
Stay Fit Seniors: Saving Seniors, Baby Boomers and America’s Healthcare Costs’ is the latest addition to the duo’s famed Stay Fit Seniors® brand.
Stay Fit seniors® delves into the sad truth about America’s costly healthcare system. You will learn why and how the company came to be, how to be a Stay Fit Senior and why it’s essential to be proactive in your health by creating a healthcare team that starts with you.
As Dr. Russo explains, the book is the culmination of over a decade’s work.
“Eleven years ago I noticed that, while my parents benefited from Chiropractic and medical care, their lack of physical exercise caused further pain and health decline. This drove me to install and create a sophisticated circuit training program into my office for their use. After noticing overwhelming success, I partnered with Dr. Lauro to offer it to his patients, too. With increasing demand for our program, we both founded Stay Fit Seniors Inc. in 2006 and now offer our Stay Fit Circuit Physical Activity Wellness Programs™ to thousands of seniors and baby boomers across the country” he says.
Dr. Lauro states, “This book condenses all we offer and takes it into the hands of anyone willing to read it. Within the pages, readers will discover powerful and easy-to-implement life changes that will help them avoid disease, live longer and reduce their burden on our healthcare system.”
Chapters cover a myriad of topics including an exposé of U.S. healthcare, nutrition and vitamins needed for optimum health, in-depth analysis of popular supplements, why senior health is a shared responsibility and much, much more.
Dr. Russo believes that the book has wide and far-reaching appeal.
seniors“It should be a priority read for seniors, baby boomers, caretakers, potential caretakers, healthcare professionals and even insurance companies who want to increase health and lower costs. Its part investigative-style overview of the U.S. healthcare system and part self-help book; the only title of its kind currently on the market,” he adds.

In previous years, fitness legend Jack LaLanne’s family spoke highly of Russo and Lauro’s passion and dedication to getting their message out to seniors from coast to coast.

Elaine LaLanne was previously quoted as saying, “Jack LaLanne always stressed ‘Life is great when you’re in shape.’ That statement is as true today as it was when he coined it over 60 years ago. Drs. Russo and Lauro have advocated his philosophy through their Stay Fit Seniors® Program. Both Jack and I applauded their efforts in the past and I want to wish them continued success.”
‘Stay Fit Seniors: Saving Seniors, Baby Boomers and America’s Healthcare Costs’ is due for imminent release and will be available through the book’s official webpage (launching soon):
In the meantime and for more information, visit:
About the Authors:
Dr. Roger A. Russo attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and has been in private practice since his graduation in 1980. Dr. Russo has two United States patents, one of which is for the Chiroslide Leg Discrepancy Analyzer™, granted in 1995. He has been written up in numerous chiropractic trade and consumer newspapers and magazines. He is a business innovator, registered trademark holder and creator of delivering the care protocol of chiropractic and exercise. In 2004, he created Stay Fit Seniors Program and Workout Place, giving birth to and co-creating Stay Fit Seniors Inc. in 2006, as its President. Dr. Russo is still in private practice in Congers, NY, as a Chiropractor and Physical Activity Provider.
Dr. Anthony Lauro graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He graduated in 1989 with honors in research. In 1991, his research study, “Chiropractic Effects on Athletic Ability” was published in the April issue of The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation. Dr. Lauro developed “Chiroforce,” a patient education program for chiropractors to teach their patients the benefits of chiropractic care regarding improved athletic performance. He has been in private practice since 1989, joining his father Dr. Frederick J. Lauro, a 1956 Palmer graduate. Dr. Anthony Lauro co-created Stay Fit Seniors® Inc. as its Executive Vice President and is a Chiropractor and Physical Activity Provider in Garnerville, NY.
Kinesio Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Friday, 04 October 2013 16:53
During the month of October, 2013, Kinesio Taping Association is urging all our therapists to use Pink/Red Kinesio Tex Tape on patients to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness.
kineseotapepinkTo support the Pink Patient Challenge, Kinesio will be running a special promotion for Breast Cancer awareness. This will feature the pink Kinesio Tex Tape:  Buy three and get one free! This will apply to all Kinesio Tex Tape, both the Classic and Gold FP tapes, in individual or clinic-size rolls.
Purchase three pink rolls, and get an additional one* for free.
Prepare to see pink patients in your community!
*Bonus roll will be same type and size roll, but in white. Restrictions may apply. Check with your Kinesio supplier.
BUY 3 and GET 1 FREE!!!

"Thought Leader", Dr. Matt Hamilton Is Not Your Parent's Chiropractor!
Press Release
Written by David Marcarian   
Thursday, 26 September 2013 00:00

"Thought Leader", Dr. Matt Hamilton Is Not Your Parent's Chiropractor!

Watch how intelligently Dr. Hamilton establishes importance of Chiropractic with skeptical talk show hosts through his use of MyoVision technology.  
"Not Your Parent's Chiropractor," indeed.  

                                                          Dr. Matt
                                                          Hamilton Is
                                                          Not Your
Click to Watch

Chief Operating Officer Joins ICA’s Management
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Press Release
Written by Ronald M. Hendrickson   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:00
September 23, 2013, Falls Church, Virginia: As part of a major expansion of the organization’s professional and management resources, the board of directors of the International Chiropractors Association has selected Mark Cook to serve as the ICA’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Cook will assume responsibility for the management of the ICA’s business and financial operations at the ICA’s Falls Church, Virginia headquarters.MarkCook-2
Mr. Cook brings twenty-five years of experience in non-profits, private enterprise and government, with emphasis on processes improvement, technology and communications. Serving in the administration of the current Marylandgovernor, Mr. Cook was responsible for the governor’s signature StateStat performance management program at a billion dollar, two-thousand person agency. Employing statistical analysis for improving government, Mr. Cook successfully implemented this program; provided staffing projections, strategic planning, wrote the agency’s first annual report, and improved customer service and program delivery.

“Mark Cook is a highly motivated executive with broad-based management experience that will be vital to ICA’s future growth and expansion,” said ICA President Dr. Michael McLean. “His record of service is wide ranging, including extensive trade association experience, service in the private sector where he managed a technology consulting company, and in the higher education community where he served as director of technology for the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. He brings unique skills and vast experience to ICA and we are proud to have him as part of ICA’s senior management team,” Dr. McLean stated.

Active in community service, he served on College Park City Council, on the board of directors of the Prince George’s Family Crisis Center and was Co-Chair of the Public Affairs Group of the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce.

“Mark is committed to advancing chiropractic as a separate and distinct health care profession, anchored in over a century of success as a natural, drugless, non-surgical care pathway for patients of all ages,” said Dr. McLean. “In his new role as chief operating officer for the ICA, he will be applying all of his unique skills and technical expertise to help build the organization on all fronts.”

The International Chiropractors Association is the oldest continuously functioning international chiropractic organization in the world. The ICA represents thousands of practitioners, educators, students and lay persons, with members in every state in the Unites States, every province of Canada and 50 nations around the world. The ICA supports and promotes the interests of chiropractic, chiropractors and the patients they serve through advocacy, research, and education, anchored in the principles of chiropractic as a natural, drugless, non-surgical approach to health and healing.
2013 International Conference on Spinal Manipulation (ICSM) Showcases Original Research and Keynote Lecture on Facet Neurophysiology and Pain
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Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Monday, 16 September 2013 00:21
ICSMLogo2013The International Conference on Spinal ManipulationTM (ICSM) resumes in 2013 after a decade long hiatus. The conference previously hosted by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER), ceased existence when FCER dissolved a few years ago. Co-sponsored by the International Spine Research (INSPIRE) Foundation, and with support of a grant from the William M. Harris Family Foundation, ICSM was resurrected to again provide a forum for the presentation of original scientific papers and scholarly work in the field. The scientific committee is largely comprised of members of the chiropractic profession, including Gert Bronfort, PhD, Christopher Colloca, DC, and Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD. John Childs, PT, PhD, a board-certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist and a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapists also serves on the ICSM scientific committee.

icsmvenue2The 2013 International Conference on Spinal Manipulation will be held October 25-26, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Marriott Tempe Butte’s Resort. The call for papers invited researchers from all disciplines, professions and fields with an interest in the field to submit their original research to this multi-disciplinary international scientific conference. Submissions underwent peer-review and were scored and categorized into Basic Science, Clinical Science, Diagnosis and Treatment, Technique, Special Interest and Education. Ten original scientific research presentations were selected for platform presentation that will accompany an additional five plenary lectures to round out the scientific sessions.

On Saturday, October 26, conference delegates will receive the special privilege of hearing from world-renowned neurophysiologist, Professor John Cavanaugh, MS, MD, PE, from the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery in the Colleges of Engineering and School of Medicine from Wayne State University in Detroit. Dr. Cavanaugh’s Keynote Address will focus on his decades of work studying the neurophysiology of the facet joint and its role as a pain generator. His award winning research has culminated in more than 70 scientific journal articles and over 100 scientific conference proceedings.

The ICSM Organizing Committee would like to extend an invitation to all doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic students and anyone interested in the field of spinal manipulation encouraging them to support spinal research by attending the conference. Proceeds from the conference benefit the non-profit INSPIRE Foundation. The oral presentations together with invited and plenary lectures will comprise an impressive scientific program showcasing the latest research in the field. There are also a number of opportunities for collegial networking to enjoy each other’s company during the conference social events where friendships are ignited or rekindled and new collaborations are sparked. Twelve Continuing Education Credits have been approved for the 2013 ICSM co-sponsored by the Postgraduate Division of New York Chiropractic College. The full scientific program, registration details, and hotel accommodations booking information can be found on the conference website at

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