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Dr. Gary Deutchman named as NGO to the United Nations for Chiropractic
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Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 24 January 2013 14:53
DeutchmanWorld Chiropractic Alliance CEO Terry A. Rondberg, DC announced last month that the organization's Board of Directors has voted unanimously to appoint Gary Deutchman, DC, as one of three NGO (non-governmental organization) representatives to the United Nations' Department of Public Information.

"I'm very excited to have Dr. Deutchman assume this important position representing the chiropractic profession on the world stage," said Rhomberg. "Gary is a true humanitarian, and has served the public through his chiropractic practice as well as working with; the Hale House in NYC, a non-profit program founded by Mother Hale, the Gay Man’s Health Crisis in New York City, a program dedicated to improving awareness as well as the lives of those at high risk for AIDS. He is particularly interested in the humanitarian outreach possible afforded by this position. Currently Dr. Deutchman visits Haiti several times per year to offer chiropractic care, as well as fund raising for food, clothing and shelter.

In 1998, the Department of Public Information at the UN conferred NGO status to the WCA. Christopher Kent, DC, was the group's first NGO represented and went on to serve as chairman of the NGO Health Committee.  More recently, Ken Vinton, DC and Tim Merrick filled the position.

"My goal is to use this position to serve mankind," said Deutchman. "Those that have come before me deserve great respect, and I hope to exceed everyone’s expectation."

Some of Dr. Deutchman’s duties will be to attend periodic briefings at the UN headquarters in New York and meeting with representatives from other NGOs from around the world. He will share information about chiropractic and the role chiropractors can play in addressing health concerns in developing nations as well as in first-world countries. Currently Dr. Deutchman is working to increase awareness of Chiropractic in the Middle East as well as Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

"I’m humbled each day I get the opportunity to share chiropractic throughout the world," Deutchman said. "The U.N. is a place where people from all walks of life can come together for the betterment of man, Chiropractic should be represented in this type of arena," he added.

Now in his 27th year of private practice, Gary is a board-certified Chiropractor with multiple offices in New York, Illinois, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, Washington State, Florida, California, Texas, and North Carolina.

The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. They have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world’s poorest. "Chiropractors need to contribute within the framework of the MDGs," explained Deutchman. "We want to touch the populations of the world who desperately need for what we can provide, I intend to do just that.”

Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt Foundation Donation Advances Chiropractic Education
Press Release
Written by Hilary Kelley   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 21:45
Roanoke, Va. (January 16, 2013)—Foot Levelers has a Foundation that is dedicated to the life and great work of its Founder, Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt. The Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt Foundation was started to continue his legacy and work, especially his remarkable work progressing chiropractic education.

“My father, Dr. Monte, always believed one of the best investments you could ever make was in the mind of a young person,” said Kent Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers. “His Foundation carries this vision forward and will continue to support the chiropractors of the future.  I know he must be smiling with the amount of this year’s gift.”

Foot Levelers donated close to $500,000 from the Monte Greenawalt Foundation to chiropractic colleges. These funds will be used for on-campus clinical advancements, new buildings, and classroom development. The chiropractic colleges benefitting from the donation are as follows:
  • Life University
  • Logan College of Chiropractic
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Life West
  • Parker University
“Foot Levelers continues to be a leader in academic giving in the chiropractic profession,” said Dr. Mark Zeigler, Vice President of Education at Foot Levelers. “We are proud to enhance the student experience and advance the teaching and learning environments at these chiropractic institutions.”

Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers, Inc., world’s exclusive provider of individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for 60 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or at play.

Press Release
Written by David Chubb   
Friday, 11 January 2013 00:00
Web-based Series Focuses on Practice Headspace and Business Expansion

PHOENIX, Ariz., January 1, 2013 – Continuing its strategy of positioning chiropractors to deliver enhanced patient care, Neuromechanical Innovations (NMI) launched the Tuesday Think Tank™ on January 1, 2013. The weekly webinar series succinctly covers essential topics for chiropractic practice growth and expansion with consistency and congruency to successful business values and principles.

“We have to be respectful of Doctor’s time,” said Christopher Colloca, D.C., CEO of Neuromechanical Innovations and host of the broadcast. “Clinicians are busy with patients, paperwork, and running their office. So we limit our time in the Think Tank to under an hour giving small bites of practical information and insights that they can use each week consistently to help their practice grow and reach more people that need our care.” Congruent with NMI’s culture of innovation, emphasizing quality and measurement by statistics, practical approaches to clinical and business management are the focus of the discussions in the weekly webinars.

The Think Tank is named after NMI’s Boardroom at its corporate headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. “It’s where the magic happens in our office,” said Dr. Colloca. “In the Think Tank we create our vision, our strategic plan, and our action steps to make it all happen. We wanted to bring our Think Tank into a virtual world where we could help develop the vision for practices using our technology. The Tuesday Think Tank™ was conceptualized that way.”

The Tuesday Think Tank™ hour presents a variety of topics weekly including practice management tactics, business expansion strategies, staff development ideas, clinical and technique tips, new research in the industry, and marketing approaches in a fast-paced, no-nonsense format. Special guests will appear throughout the year to share their unique perspectives in the Think Tank as well.

Unique to the Tuesday Think Tank™ is NMI’s commitment to providing the actual practice tools to the attendees free of charge. The inaugural Tuesday Think Tank™ guests received notes from the presentation, a comprehensive practice analysis and statistics worksheet, and a 2013 strategic marketing calendar as practical tools to implement the week’s teachings into their practice.

The Tuesday Think Tank™ is held live on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm EST and is free to join. Recorded sessions can be viewed on demand in archived sessions accessible online. “I’ve become a fan of TED Talks whose motto reads, ‘Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.’ I’ve learned that some of the world’s most influential people give away their ideas and share their concepts with others today for free. What better way to give back than hosting a free online Think Tank to the profession that has provided me with so much,” said Colloca. Registration for the Tuesday Think Tank™ can be found online at

About Neuromechanical Innovations
Neuromechanical Innovations (NMI) is a world leader in instrument-assisted spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjusting products and clinical training. With over thirty domestic and international patents and trademarks, NMI is the manufacturer of the Impulse® and Impulse iQ® Instruments that are in use today in over 7,000 chiropractic offices throughout the world. NMI prides itself on its Made in the U.S.A. manufacturing, featuring a 12,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters containing its ISO 13485 Certified medical device manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona.
Foot Levelers Donates All Proceeds from 60th Anniversary Seminars
Press Release
Written by Hilary Kelley   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 14:56
Roanoke, VA (December 18, 2012)- Foot Levelers donated all the proceeds from their 60th Anniversary Seminars back to the Chiropractic profession, in honor of their anniversary and serving chiropractic for 60 years. Thirteen chiropractic colleges will be benefitting from the $36,000 Foot Levelers will be donating, and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) will receive over $10,000.
60seminar2For each attendee at the seminar, $100 of their registration fee was donated to the college of their choice and Foot Levelers matched this with an additional $100 to that college. Additionally, Foot Levelers donated the balance of the proceeds to the FCP.

“As far back as I can remember, Foot Levelers has always believed strongly in the importance of chiropractic education on both a college level and post-doctoral level,” said Kent Greenawalt, Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers. “These seminars meant a lot to us because it allowed us to celebrate our 60th anniversary, provide quality education, and give back to chiropractic profession in order to help the profession to grow and become as successful as possible.”

Foot Levelers’ last 60th Anniversary Seminar took place December 1-2 in Newark, N.J. There were three Foot Levelers 60th Anniversary Seminars, which offered 12 continuing education credits (CEUs) and covered a wide variety of topics taught by Dr. Kim Christensen and Dr. Terry Yochum.

For more information about a Foot Levelers’ seminar, call 1.800.553.4860.

Foot Levelers
footleverslogo2Foot Levelers, Inc., world’s exclusive provider of individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for 60 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or at play.
Parker University Announces the Appointment of a New President
Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 14:08
DALLAS, December 11, 2012 – The Board of Trustees of Parker University and Parker Seminars is pleased to announce the appointment of their new president, Brian J. McAulay, DC, PhD.  This appointment comes after an intensive three month search conducted by a board-appointed presidential search committee of nine members, headed by Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., PhD, chair of the Board of Trustees.
drmcauley“The presidential search committee and Board of Trustees felt that Dr. McAulay was the best choice to lead Parker into the future,” said Dr. Lassiter.  “In the search for a new president, the search committee was mindful of the expansion in the role and mission of the institution as a university.   In that regard, Dr. McAulay has a PhD in business and management, the doctor of chiropractic degree, and further professional education at the Harvard University Institute for Educational Management, and was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in educational administration by the American Council on Education.  In addition, a noteworthy aspect of his professional experience is service as a chiropractic department chair and teaching experience in business and management at Philadelphia University and Temple University.”
Dr. McAulay replaces Fabrizio Mancini, DC, who has retired after serving as president for just under fourteen years.  During his tenure with Parker, Dr. Mancini had a significant impact on both Parker and the chiropractic profession, raising the visibility of the profession by participating in media efforts that reached millions of people never exposed to the chiropractic message.  In addition, he oversaw the renaming of the institution to Parker University in April 2011 and guided the institution through a successful SACS reaffirmation in 2012.  From a global perspective, Dr. Mancini oversaw the development of internship programs in foreign cities such as Bogota, Colombia and Mexico City, Mexico and instituted Parker Seminars events in countries including Japan, Greece and Australia.
Dr. McAulay brings experience in both the chiropractic profession and higher education to Parker University and Parker Seminars.  Dr. McAulay’s education is extensive with a PhD from Temple University, a doctor of chiropractic degree from Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and a bachelor’s of commerce from the University of Toronto.  In addition, Dr. McAulay participated in the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows program and the Institute for Educational Management (IEM) program through the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Over the past thirteen years, Dr. McAulay has served as executive vice president/provost and interim president for Sherman College, vice-president for academic affairs at Palmer College, and provost and executive vice president/provost for Life University.  Each of these institutions experienced growth and success under Dr. McAulay’s leadership.
parkercampus“I am very proud to become a part of the Parker family and I look forward to helping the institution maintain its reputation as one of the premier schools in chiropractic education.” said Dr. McAulay.  “While Parker’s history is rich with tradition and success, it’s the future that is so intriguing to me.  This is an exciting time for Parker as the institution looks to expand into new degree programs that complement and support chiropractic.  I believe my experience in balancing program expansion and foundational chiropractic programs will certainly be a benefit to Parker in the coming years.”
Last year, Parker University developed a strategic plan that called for the introduction of twelve new allied health programs by 2017.  The first three degree programs, slated for introduction in January 2013, include an associate’s degree in Radiological Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Health Care.  All three degrees were carefully selected for introduction based on criteria including how well they support and complement chiropractic, the job forecasts for each degree program and the higher than average expected salaries for each profession these degrees serve.
“Program expansion calls for a president with a unique set of skills and talents.” said Dr. Gery Hochanadel, PhD, provost of Parker University.  “I am very pleased with the board’s decision to hire Dr. McAulay as the next president of Parker.  His experience in maintaining chiropractic as the foundational program while expanding degree offerings will be critical to the future of Parker University and the students we serve.”
In addition to his role with Parker University, Dr. McAulay will also serve as president of Parker Seminars.  With over sixty years supporting the chiropractic profession, Parker Seminars continues to serve the profession as the premier professional seminar dedicated to helping chiropractors and chiropractic assistants build successful practices.  Parker Seminars has four North American seminars planned for 2013, with the largest gathering taking place in Las Vegas January 10-12, 2013.
“I am very aware of the impact Parker Seminars and Dr. Parker had on the chiropractic profession and I consider it a great honor to oversee this effort.  Parker Seminars is the meeting place for the profession and I intend to continue positioning Parker Seminars as a global resource for the chiropractic profession,” said Dr. McAulay.
About Parker University
Dallas-based Parker University, formerly known as Parker College of Chiropractic, is one of the world’s leading educators of health care professionals. Founded in 1982, this private, nonprofit, educational institution prepares men and women to become doctors of chiropractic. In addition, Parker University awards additional wellness-focused degrees including a bachelor of science in anatomy, a bachelor of science in health and wellness, massage therapy certificates, and continuing education specializations and certifications. Parker University also includes Parker Research Institute, which provides sound, scientific evidence supporting health and wellness; two chiropractic wellness clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; Parker Seminars, the largest chiropractic seminar organization in the world, and Parker SHARE Products that provide innovative, high quality products, and current information on chiropractic wellness. For additional information about Parker University, visit the website at

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