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National University to Welcome New President Dr. Joseph P. D. Stiefel
Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 19:33

Lombard - On June 22nd, National University of Health Sciences will welcome its sixth president, Joseph P.D. Stiefel, MS, EdD. DC. He is a graduate of NUHS, and has contributed his leadership skills to the university in a number of capacities over the last decade.
Dr. Stiefel earned his first baccalaureate degree at Ball State University majoring in biology and pre-med, with a double minor in chemistry and classic cultures. After Ball State his chemistry background landed him a position as an engineering analyst at a General Motors facility in Kokomo, Indiana. “I had to look at how things were working, both mechanically and chemically, and would troubleshoot any problems,“ he says.

stiefel2Dr. Stiefel later went to work as a researcher for a private biotech firm in Milwaukee. There he helped design screening tests for organ compatibility, and worked on the firm’s product submission to the FDA.

Yet, Dr. Stiefel always had a dream to someday practice medicine. His mother had been a thoracic surgeon and he’d fallen in love with medicine at a very early age. “I remember being very young and pulling down Grey’s Anatomy and books on operating procedure from our bookshelf. I loved the acetate panels and the descriptions of surgery,” he recalls.

Following that dream, Dr. Stiefel decided on a career in chiropractic medicine in 2001 when he learned that the profession embraced primary care and allowed for residency training in the field of diagnostic imaging. When he entered as a student at NUHS, he jumped into leadership positions early, as vice president of his class and editor of the school’s yearbook. He also won the Joseph Janse Award for excellence at his graduation.

He went on to complete a three-year residency in diagnostic imaging, and was NUHS’ first graduate of the master of science degree program in diagnostic imaging. During this time, he also taught evening classes for the NUHS College of Allied Health Sciences and was an adjunct lecturer in the advanced nursing program at Rush University College of Nursing. These experiences gave him deeper insight into the challenges of health care education.

Several administrators noticed Dr. Stiefel’s managerial talents, and President James F. Winterstien offered him a position as assistant to the vice presidents. One of Dr. Stiefel’s first tasks was to evaluate all existing university policies and make recommendations for necessary changes.

This policy analysis suited Dr. Stiefel, as he was enthusiastic about digging deeper into issues related to educational law. “Educational law was always an interest of mine. There are very interesting scenarios that come up when you talk about the law and students. In fact, many landmark cases in this area come out of professional degree schools,” he says.

In 2008, NUHS opened a DC program in St. Petersburg, Florida, and asked Dr. Stiefel to lead the new campus. As Dean of the College of Professional Studies for the Florida campus, Stiefel was responsible for the successful expansion of the new program, overseeing the addition of several facilities, and building a superior roster of faculty. Once again, his talent as a creative problem-solver came into play, as he negotiated National’s contribution to and place within the University Partnership Center of St. Petersburg College, where the campus resided.

While serving as Dean of the Florida campus, he completed an EdD in higher educational leadership from Argosy University. For his dissertation, he created an analytical database for assessing applicants to DC programs and predicting their future academic success.

In 2012, the NUHS Board of Trustees announced that Dr. Stiefel was their choice to succeed Dr. James F. Winterstein as president of the institution when he retired. The same year, Dr. Stiefel married Dr. Holly Furlong, a fellow DC graduate from National University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Stiefel’s vision for National University of Health Sciences is to continue the institution’s focus on broad-scope primary care practice for its graduates, and to deepen its commitment to integrative medicine. “As our national health care landscape continues to evolve, we want to assure that our graduates are full participants in delivering a higher standard of patient care, and that they are well-prepared to be leaders in integrative health care.”
Logan Alumni Board Votes No Confidence in Logan Board of Trustees
Press Release
Written by Christopher N. Shoff, DC   
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 19:24
logancollegesealOn June 16, 2013, the Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni Association Board of Directors passed a vote of no confidence in the Logan University Board of Trustees and their General Counsel.  The vote of no confidence included language that states that the Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni Association Board continues to support the faculty, staff, students, and the new Logan President.  The Logan Alumni Board has been concerned about the financial and human resource management of the College for several years.  The Logan Alumni Board has had repeated failed attempts to meet jointly with the Board of Trustees, most recently at this year’s Homecoming.  Furthermore, the Alumni Board sent a letter of questions to the Board of Trustees and received a letter back that did not address the concerns at all. 
Logan Alumni Association President Christopher N. Shoff, DC, states “We hope that the Board of Trustees recognizes and listens to the concerns of the independent voice of the Alumni Association and works with us for the betterment of Logan College of Chiropractic.  We have continued confidence in the faculty, staff, students, and new President of Logan College but are concerned with the past direction of the Board of Trustees and their future direction of the College.  I look forward to working with the Board of Trustees to address the concerns and wishes of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.”
Further action was taken by the Alumni Board demanding an independent accounting firm perform a transparent, forensic audit of the school’s financials over the past five years.
We request all Logan alumni and supporters to contact both the Alumni Association and the Board of Trustees to urge cooperation on this matter.

Logan College Alumni Association

Direct: 636.207.2401
Fax: 636.207.2441
Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Monday, 17 June 2013 13:03
Kent S. Greenawalt Given WFC Honor Award at 12th Biennial Congress in South Africa

ROANOKE, Virginia—Foot Levelers, Inc. Chairman and CEO Kent S. Greenawalt recently received an Honor Award from the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) at the organization’s 12th Biennial Congress, which was held at the International Convention Center in Durban, South Africa. Greenawalt received the award to recognize the positive impact he and Foot Levelers have had on the chiropractic profession both within the United States and internationally.

The World Federation of Chiropractic Honor Award has been given out annually since 1991; and of the 24 all- time recipients Greenawalt is just the eighth from the United States. The award, which is the highest given by the WFC, is designed to honor those that have provided “outstanding services to the international growth and advancement of the chiropractic profession.”
David Chapman-Smith, the Secretary-General of the WFC, noted the contribution Greenawalt and Foot Levelers have made to the international chiropractic profession, “The WFC wanted to honor Kent for the support he has shown for international chiropractic, which has included providing complimentary speakers to WFC seminars to pioneer chiropractic in places like Brazil, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Budapest.”

greenawaltspeechChapman-Smith also referenced the financial support Greenawalt and Foot Levelers have delivered to the WFC, “The financial support the WFC receives from Kent and Foot Levelers is instrumental in the success of our key initiatives. As an example, their support for a recent consultation was vital in leading to the agreed market identity for chiropractic as the spinal health experts.”

For Greenawalt, the award came as a surprise and honor, “It came as a surprise to me when I learned I would be receiving the award. It’s an honor to join the impressive list of wonderful people who have received the award before me. The role the WFC plays in helping improve global healthcare is extremely important, and Foot Levelers will always be at its side to assist in achieving its goals.”

In addition to the Honor Award he received from the WFC, Greenawalt was also presented with an award by the Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) to commend his support of sports chiropractic and Foot Levelers’ sponsorship of the FICS Assembly, which was held in conjunction with the Congress.

Greenawalt commented on the importance of receiving an award from FICS, “Along with the WFC, FICS is an important resource in growing the chiropractic profession internationally.”

There were over 750 delegates from at least 42 countries at the Congress, which was also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the World Federation of Chiropractic. One purpose of holding the Congress in Africa was to represent and positively impact the advancement of the profession on the continent.

About Foot Levelers
footleverslogo2Foot Levelers, Inc., the world’s exclusive provider of individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for over 60 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or play.
CHIROPRACTIC LEADERS TEAM UP TO PROVIDE NEW GRADUATE PACKAGE: Foot Levelers, Activator Methods, Lloyd Table, and Multi Radiance Offer Essentials at Low Price
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Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Friday, 14 June 2013 13:31
ROANOKE, Virginia—Four leaders in the chiropractic profession have teamed up to provide the essentials for new college graduates. Featuring products from Foot Levelers, Inc., Lloyd Table Company, Activator Methods® International Ltd., and Multi Radiance Medical® LaserLongevity™, the Graduate Package provides new chiropractic graduates the tools needed to get their practices off to a successful start. This new and exciting offer is available to those who have graduated from chiropractic college within the last two (2) years and have obtained a license.

The companies wanted to recognize the accomplishment of graduating from chiropractic college and to also offer these recent graduates the tools in a cost-efficient package. For recent graduates who have obtained a license, financing is available for as low as $130 per month.

The Graduate Package includes:

  • Foot Levelers 3D BodyView™

  • Activator Methods Activator V

  • MR4™ Super Pulsed Laser

  • Foot Levelers Tri-Flex® One Unit-Whole Body Rehab

  • Lloyd 400AH Adjusting Bench

  • Foot Levelers Pillo-Pedic® (2)

  • Foot Levelers MyFit® Custom Pillow

Just as adjustment, support, and rehab equipment are the essentials in any practice, continuing education plays an equally important role. To further benefit new graduates, Activator Methods® and Foot Levelers have included two (2) free seminars during the first two (2) years following the purchase of the Graduate Package.

To learn more about the Graduate Package, call 800.553.4860 or visit

Foot Levelers, Inc.
Foot Levelers, Inc., the world’s exclusive provider of individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for over 60 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or play.

Activator Methods International
Activator Methods International has been providing chiropractic care, resources and training since 1967. Founded on the principles of clinical research, the company’s major contribution to chiropractic care is discovery and development of the world’s most popular instrument adjusting technique, the Activator Method.

Lloyd Table Company
Lloyd Table Company, located in Lisbon, Iowa, is one of the largest manufacturers of chiropractic adjusting tables in the world. Chiropractors throughout the world have discovered that Lloyd adjusting tables provide unparalleled patient comfort.

Multi Radiance Medical
Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared super pulsed laser devices, which are used throughout the world to provide temporary pain relief associated with back pain, muscle spasm, arthritis pain, elbow pain, muscle strain, and other conditions.
ChiroTouch to Host “Post Payment Audits—Who, Why, and What to Do!” Webinar with Dr. Stuart Hoffman
Press Release
Written by TAC Staff   
Wednesday, 05 June 2013 14:44
San Diego, CA – June 5th, 2013 – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, and Dr. Stuart Hoffman are pleased to announce the “Post Payment Audits—Who, Why, and What to Do!” webinar, which is scheduled to air live for one hour on June 11th, 2013, at 10:00am PST.
“Learning that a practice is being audited can be a very stressful time,” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch.  “Dr. Hoffman’s insight will help any chiropractor determine the appropriate level of malpractice coverage and navigate the audit experience smoothly and with confidence.”
Join Dr. Stuart Hoffman, president of ChiroSecure, a program providing superior malpractice insurance policy with many unique features and long-term solid protection.
In this webinar, you will learn:hoffmanstuart
  • What a Post-Payment Audit is and how to respond
  • Who is being targeted and what the red flags are
  • Who is the responsible party/entity in a Post-Payment Audit
  • Common compliance faults
  • The keys to compliance
FREE GIFT for all attendees: free 15-minute consultation and policy review.
Dr. Hoffman will help determine the parameters of your current coverage in regard to legal defense coverage for both state and private insurance program audits. He will explain the differences in claims made and occurrence type policies—to assist DCs in maintaining low risk for themselves and their associate doctors. He will review the best way to insure your corporation, entity, or franchise, and discuss when to add an additional insured to your policy or your associates’ policy.

Other recent webinar topics include “Art of the Close,” “Building Value in Your Practice and Equity in Your Business,” and “HITECH Stimulus Act Updates.”  The ChiroTouch webinar programs and the attendees have benefited from speakers such as Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Bob Hoffman, Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Ron Oberstein, Dr. Mark Ott, Stanley Greenfield, and many more.  This cross-section of the most influential and recognized coaches and speakers has made for a very robust and popular series of webinars.

To join ChiroTouch for this webinar, visit
About ChiroTouch
chirotouchtinylogoChiroTouch, by Integrated Practice Solutions Inc., is the premier provider of fully-certified innovative chiropractic software technology solutions for the chiropractic industry. Fusing advanced software systems with superior support services, we partner with chiropractors across the country to help them automate operations, improve patient care, and increase profitability.  Visit

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