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81 Powerful Positioning Marc Swerdlick, D.C. 733
82 Desire and Direction Marc Swerdlick, D.C. 851
83 History and Research of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., D.C. 791
84 The Power of Priorities Eric Kaplan, D.C., N.D. 720
85 Moving from an Insurance or Cash Practice to a CASH-Like Practice Bruce Parker, D.C. 731
86 YOUR Credibility under Construction Marc Swerdlick, D.C. 845
87 Who Are You And, Who Should You Be? John Hayes Jr., D.C. 707
88 How to Start a New Practice Peter Fernandez, D.C. 1104
89 How to Choose a “Hot Town” in Which to Practice: Starting a New Practice IX Peter Fernandez, D.C. 829
90 How to Choose a “Hot State” in Which to Practice: Starting a New Practice VIII Peter Fernandez, D.C. 756
91 WHAT YOU ARE …is where you want to be. Eric Kaplan, D.C.,N.D. 719
92 Looking Beyond Statistics: How to Buy a Chiropractic Practice Gregory M. Kingsbury, D.C. 1573
93 Staff: Your Most Valuable Asset Fred Di Domenico, D.C. 903
94 The Independent Contractor Method of Starting a New Practice VII Peter Fernandez, D.C. 3956
95 Purpose, Principles, Policies: The 3 P’s Eric Kaplan, D.C.,N.D. 756
96 Starting at the Top: Getting Your Head Space Right Brent Detelich, D.C. 982
97 How Can I Show the True Value of Chiropractic Care? Dwight C. Whynot, D.C. 1022
98 Should You Start a Practice from Scratch? Peter Fernandez, D.C. 1752
99 New Patients David Singer, D.C. 772
100 The Power to Win... Eric Kaplan, D.C.,N.D. 704
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