Patient Orientations

Stop Doing New Patient Orientations?
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Patient Orientations
Written by Miles Bodzin, DC   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 13:32

Stop Doing New Patient Orientations?

by Miles Bodzin, DC


What?  What do you mean stop doing new patient orientations?  For as long as I’ve been a chiropractor I’ve been told to get my patients to a new patient orientation class and I am sure you’ve been told the same thing.
Why do we do them?  Why do we want our patients to attend such a workshop in the first place?  As far as I can tell there’s really only two reasons we do them.  The first is we want to “educate” our patients about chiropractic so they get it.  Second, it’s a great way to get new patients by having your patients bring a guest.  Of course, there may be some other reasons to do them, but these are the two big ones.


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