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The Jonas Brothers and Chiropractic Care
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Written by Dr. Albert Wolyniec, D.C.   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:14

The Jonas Brothers and Chiropractic Care

by Dr.Albert Wolyniec, D.C.


Dr. Albert Wolyniec has been in private practice for the past 37 years. He is the director of the Wolyniec Chiropractic Group in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where he works closely with his colleague, Dr. Warren Jacoby. He lectures extensively around the country and has authored countless articles and papers on chiropractic.

Dr. Wolyniec worked with the New York Giants football team from 1986 to 1993. He was voted Chiropractor of the Year for the Eastern United States by the Parker Foundation in 1993 and was a team teacher there for many years. Also, in 1993, Dr. Wolyniec was voted into the prestigious Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table, where he is an active member today. Below is his story about his work with the Jonas Brothers.

Dr. Jacoby and I have been the personal chiropractors of the Jonas Brothers for many years. We are frequently asked many questions about them, the most common of which is how we got to be their chiropractors. I will now answer this and some of the more commonly asked questions.

Our association with the Jonas family started when my son, Nicholas, went to preschool with Nicholas Jonas in 1998.

Kevin Jonas Sr., his father, was the pastor of Wyckoff Assembly of God Church at the time. He persistently kept inviting Mrs. Wolyniec and me to visit his church. We really weren’t interested in another church, because we were happy where we were. But, after more persistence, we finally went. Surprisingly, we were extremely impressed and soon realized that this was to be our new church.

I remember being amazed over the singing voice of Kevin Jonas Sr. and his musical ability. He had put together a group of musicians who performed at the church services who were extremely talented. Kevin Jonas Sr. was also a great composer, having co-written with Michael W. Smith the Dove Award Best Song of the Year for 1999. The Dove Awards are the gospel music equivalent to the Grammy’s. But most impressive of all was his passion for God and his message of the great benefits of living your life staying close to Him. I got to be very close friends with him from that time on and I respect him greatly to this day. He, in turn, was intrigued with chiropractic care and embraced the idea of using chiropractic care to stay healthy. He subsequently would bring his entire family to our office for wellness care, on a once per week basis, and they did this for many years.

At an early age, Nicholas started performing on Broadway in plays such as A Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast, Annie Get Your Gun and Les Miserables. Joseph performed in La Boheme. All the while, Kevin Sr. kept the family under regular chiropractic care with the goal of optimum health and optimum life performance. Denise Jonas then gave birth to their fourth son, Frankie, who, in my opinion, will also be a great entertainer some day. At a very early age, you could tell Frankie had that certain charisma common to all great performers. Keep your eye on Frankie Jonas; he is going places.

Eventually, the boys formed a rock band and it was soon apparent that, due to their great musical talent, their high level of integrity and their great work ethic, they were destined for stardom. Disney saw their potential and signed them. Nobody was better qualified to manage the boys than Pastor Kevin, with his great musical ability, talent as a composer and tremendous managerial skills. He, therefore, left our church as Senior Pastor to manage the Jonas Brothers. The members of the church were heartbroken when Pastor Kevin left, but he had a greater vision which he still holds to this day. His vision is to influence the youth of the world in a very positive way through music and through the way the boys live their lives. For example, on their Disney reality show, the boys pray together before meals. What rock group has ever reached superstardom by behaving like this? None, to my knowledge.

To this day chiropractic care is still a very high priority in their lives, despite their extremely demanding schedules. They make sure they get their spines adjusted regularly, even if they have to fly me somewhere in the country just for the day. I have even done a coast to coast house call solely to maintain their spines free of nerve interference. The Jonas Brothers give many concerts nationally, and when they are performing in this area, I go backstage with my portable table and set up an adjusting room. Everyone waits his/her turn and I generally adjust 15¬20 people each time. I adjust not only the Jonas Brothers, but their family, Kiyoko, Maya, their production staff, and the security people, including Big Rob, the bodyguard. I admire Kevin Sr. for the importance that he places on regular chiropractic care, and how he always works it into their schedules. I also frequently adjust them in their hotel when they are in New York City.

The Jonas Family has encouraged many others to receive chiropractic care, including Demi Lovato, star of the movie Camp Rock. I am frequently asked if the boys have changed with all their fame and fortune. It is absolutely amazing to me that they have not. They are still the same polite, obedient, humble boys who seem to have their attention on others rather than themselves. When I adjust them, they will often ask me how Mrs. Wolyniec and my children are doing, and I can tell they are truly interested in my answers.

I believe, if they haven’t changed by now, they never will. They are firmly grounded in their faith and are staying true to their vision.

You may contact Dr. Wolyniec at 1-201-652-5333 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

•Printed with permission of Kevin Jonas Sr.

The 7 Secrets To Making Money
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Written by Dr. Miles Bodzin, D.C.   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:12

The 7 Secrets To Making Money

by Dr. Miles Bodzin, D.C.


The topic of having a cash practice is really hot right now. Doctors across the country are finding that insurance coverage is getting worse every year. And the recent explosion of doctors doing additional non-covered services such as massage, decompression, and laser therapy is driving this trend even further. So to help sky-rocket your collections while building your dream practice, let’s review The 7 Secrets to Making Money with Cash Practice® Systems.

New Orthopedic Test: Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
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Written by Dr. William J. Owens, D.C., D.A.A.M.L.P.   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 08:41

New Orthopedic Test: Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

by Dr. William J. Owens, D.C., D.A.A.M.L.P.


The Journal of Vascular Surgery provides vascular, cardiothoracic, and general surgeons with the most recent information in vascular surgery. The Society for Vascular Surgery Journal of Vascular Surgery ranks in the top 5 percent of the 5,684 scientific journals most frequently cited. (2000 Science Citation Index)

Only Dead Fish Swim with the Current
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Written by Patrick Gentempo, D.C.   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 08:35

Only Dead Fish Swim with the Current

by Patrick Gentempo, D.C.


For 31 years, I have watched the economy as well as the insurance companies dramatically impact our practices. I remember doctors being terrified when PPO’s and HMO’s came into existence. Doctors are just as concerned about the economy as anyone else would be. We, as chiropractors, need to change our way of thinking if we are going to succeed as a profession. We have to become and lead the health movement in this country. We must realize that WE hold the key to "the health of this nation." If we don’t seize this opportunity, some other profession will, and the health and the economy of this country will be compromised.

One of the ways to spear-head this movement and make sure that your practice is "recession proof" is with a Signature Nutritional Program. Incorporating a one of a kind nutritional program into your practice may be exactly what the doctor ordered, not only for your practice, but for your own health as well. The best method that I have found is using blood testing procedures that all doctors agree with. This biochemical analysis diagnoses and treats any biochemical malfunction caused by an endocrine imbalance by utilizing nutrition and supplementation. This is a testing procedure that is not only subjective, but also objective, using chemical indicators to assess the chemical function of the body.

Below, I have outlined seven ways that this signature nutritional program can help strengthen your health as well as your practice:

The Signature Nutritional Program:

1. Adds additional service and revenue to your existing practice. If you have an existing practice, you can generate more income from existing patients by adding this nutritional service and not having to raise your overhead expenses. You can enhance your patients’ health as you improve your services rendered. This can run from a few hundred to a thousand dollars extra that you would receive per patient.

2. Increases the amount of new patients you have coming into your office. When adding this Signature Nutritional Program, you will have patients come in who are looking for nutritional advice and not necessarily chiropractic care. Once under your nutritional care, you can educate them about chiropractic. This held my practice strong when all the HMO’s and PPO’s were rearing their ugly heads. I held nutritional seminars and patients came in specifically for nutrition. Once I gained their trust, it was easy for them to make the right decision about chiropractic care.

3. Adds great referral sources to your business. People who are concerned about nutrition have friends who are also interested in this nutritional approach, because it makes so much sense. Medical doctors, osteopaths, dentists, etc., are more apt to refer patients for nutritional support than for chiropractic care, especially when you are using blood testing procedures that they use. This also helps in starting to build bridges between the professions.

4. Makes your patients excellent patients. People who are interested in nutrition make better patients because they are already proactive and are willing to do what it takes to be healthy.

5. Provides residual income. The supplement industry is becoming a trillion dollar industry. We, as chiropractors, earn the right to share in this revenue. Supplements are consumable goods which patients must buy each month. By maintaining a patient log and setting up a drop ship program with your patients, you can generate from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.

6. Helps you stay in communication with your patients. Some patients will be stopping by your office to pick up supplements on a monthly basis. The rest of them will receive their supplements from a drop ship program in which you will also be sending them messages/flyers about your latest lectures or other events going on in your office. You will also be scheduling follow up nutritional consultations that will stimulate additional patient visits or, at least, have the patient thinking about you.

7. Will lead your family to excellent health. The best part of this program is that you and your family will become healthier. You will be able to help your family in so many ways that they will rarely, if ever, have to go and see any other doctor. I have noticed this in my own family…. I can’t remember the last time someone in my immediate family had to go and see another doctor. Do you want to double your practice? First, you have to improve your health and your energy to handle the additional workload…. And second, you have to be healthier than your healthiest patient.

The only thing that might stop you from using nutrition in your practice is that you may not know a lot about nutrition and you may not have the time to learn it either.

If this is the case, I have also developed this Signature Nutritional Program to be "turn-key." So, if you do not have the time to learn about an in-depth nutritional program, then we have made it easy to implement into your practice. It’s so easy, a caveman can do it!

With Signature Nutritional Program, you can either choose to evaluate the blood test totally on your own or you can literally have someone else do all the work. You can choose to outsource everything from ordering and evaluating the test, creating reports/educational material, training yourself and your staff, shipping your order to your patients, and giving the consultations via e-mail and phone.

Changing Income Streams in the Middle of a Recession
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Written by Mark R. Payne D.C.   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 16:52

Changing Income Streams in the Middle of a Recession

by Dr. Mark R. Payne D.C.


Graduated in 1979 and, trust me, I’ve seen better days for chiropractic. For the past decade, I‘ve watched once vibrant practices slowly wither on the vine as third party pay dried up. Many patients forced to pay out-of-pocket for chiropractic care began to scrutinize their health care expenditures more closely. To make matters worse, now we’ve got a full blown recession on our hands. All indications are that doctors and patients alike will be going through some tough times in the foreseeable future.


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