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Thursday, 19 August 2010 16:31


Test site administrators and assistant test site administrators met at the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) headquarters in Greeley on August 5-6, 2010.
Horace Elliott, Executive Vice President, welcomed the group to Greeley, who were the inaugural group to meet in the Horace C. Elliott Center. “You are extended staff and family. This is your building too, so thank you for being here.”
Pamela Kurtz, Director of Administration, also welcomed the guests saying, “You are the face of the NBCE to the students, and we thank you for representing us in such a positive way.”
Test site administrators and assistant test site administrators oversee every aspect of national board exam administration at their respective test sites, including supervision of the proctors who remain in the room with test takers at all times.  It is therefore imperative that they are routinely and uniformly trained on new policies and procedures of the NBCE.


Some responsibilities of the test administrators and assistant test administrators include: recruit, train and supervise competent proctors as needed, inspect test site facilities, designate examinee seating arrangements, and supervise the exam administration.
The test site administrators and assistant test site administrators viewed presentations from most departments at the NBCE. They learned about updates in test accommodations, exam security and other areas as well.
Those in attendance were:
Test Administrators:
Caluha Barnes, Life University, College of Chiropractic
David Beacham, Sherman College of Chiropractic
Ann Daubek, National University of Health Sciences
Jill D’Aubery, Cleveland Chiropractic College-LA
Ron Doering, Cleveland Chiropractic College-KC
Sue Free, Western States Chiropractic College
Steve Hahn, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Campus
Peggy Hartness, Parker College of Chiropractic
Scott Hepworth, Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus
Aaron Jolly, HanSeo University, South Korea
George Little, Life University, College of Chiropractic
Pamela Morrissey, Northwestern Health Sciences University
Chad Smith, Texas Chiropractic College
Diane Starkey, Logan College of Chiropractic
Dr. Ralph Stouffer, Northwestern Health Sciences University
Carnella Washington, Life Chiropractic College West
Dick Worden, New York Chiropractic College
Assistant Test Administrators:
Sheryl Cleveland, Northwestern Health Sciences University
Susan Coffee, Texas Chiropractic College
C.J. Doering, Cleveland Chiropractic College-KC
John Free, Western States Chiropractic College
Elizabeth Gilfillian, National University of Health Sciences
Charles Griffiths, HanSeo University, South Korea
Linda Jones, Life Chiropractic College West
Pam Little, Life University, College of Chiropractic
Debbie Manrrique, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Campus
Ernie Manrrique, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Campus
Dr. Veronica Mittak, New York Chiropractic College
Josh Mohr, Parker College of Chiropractic
Shana Mohr, Parker College of Chiropractic
Michael Starkey, Logan College of Chiropractic
Dr. William R. Cooper Joins BiopostureTM Chiropractic Network
Thursday, 19 August 2010 15:52

New BioPostureTM Chiropractic Network member to introduce eco-friendly mattresses and pillows to support patient  well being

Dr. William R. Cooper, the Medical Director and owner of Boca Spinal Decompression – Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center, Boca Raton, Florida announced that he is a participating member of the BioPostureTM Chiropractic Network.

Dr. Cooper’s practice is part of Spinalaid, the only spinal decompression franchise in America.  Dr. Cooper specializes in the care and treatment of patients with chronic back pain. 
He is known to be a gentle adjuster, who is qualified in the treatment and physical rehabilitation of patients with sports or work related injuries and also auto accident injuries.



Dr. Cooper will be recommending the BioPostureTM line of products to patients.  The patented BioPostureTM mattress was designed with the input and specifications of chiropractors who are experts in the benefits of sleep for reducing pain and maintaining the health of patients. Dr. Cooper will be relating the benefits of the product line of mattresses and pillows that offer comfort and support along with environmentally friendly features.


The BioPostureTM mattress has a seven-layer patented Neutral Posture Support SystemTM to ensure optimal spine alignment and full-body support.  In addition, the use of extreme open cell plant-based BioMemoryFoamTM ensures extraordinary support and comfort.  The green mattresses are a sleep alternative that can contribute to the overall well-being of patients, many of whom experience back and neck pain and do not get restful nights of sleep.


“Reducing and eliminating pain is an important part of my practice. Every day I treat patients who suffer from back and neck pain.  Treatments combined with a good night of sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress can significantly reduce pain,” Dr. Cooper emphasized.


The BioPostureTM product-line of mattresses and pillows are available through doctors of chiropractic in the United States and in Canada.  For more information, please call Boca Spinal Decompression - Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center, 21685 State Road, Boca Raton, at (561) 470-1055 or visit

Just in Time for Back-to-School and Flu Season

DUBLIN, Ga., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- With the rise of germs such as MRSA and viruses, cleansing the hands among healthcare workers and the general public at large is crucial. Cleansing of the hands is very important because clean hands can control the spread of germ-borne illnesses that can be transported, therefore avoiding sickness and saving lives.

Just in Time for Back-to-School and Flu Season


Dr. Jacqueline Owusu, the founder and owner of Dr. Owusu Skincare, LLC, advocates the washing of hands with soap and water; however, in some instances that choice is not as convenient and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is an excellent option. The problem people have today with the leading alcohol-based hand sanitizers is the drying effect of the alcohol on the hands, leaving them cracked and rough.

Using her background and knowledge as a physician and a biochemist, Dr. Owusu has formulated an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, SaniTyze, that contains a conditioning ingredient. SaniTyze not only cleanses but moisturizes, keeps the hands soft and has a pleasant fragrance as well.


"I knew firsthand by my work in healthcare that there was a need for an alternative to sanitizers that dried the hands, so I spent eight months researching and came up with SaniTyze," commented Dr. Owusu.

Among the applications for this product are school environments and anywhere there is risk for flu. According to the experts at, "It is best to wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. However, when water is not available, you can use alcohol-based hand products made for washing hands (sanitizers).

"Examples of when to wash or sanitize your hands include:

  • Before preparing or eating food
  • After going to the bathroom
  • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has gone to the bathroom
  • Before and after caring for someone who is sick
  • After handling uncooked foods, particularly raw meat, poultry, or fish
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After handling an animal or animal waste
  • After handling garbage
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound
  • After handling items contaminated by flood water or sewage"


In conclusion, instead of avoiding alcohol-based hand sanitizers because of the drying problem, one should try Dr. Owusu's SaniTyze, which not only kills the germ-borne illnesses but conditions, softens and protect the hands, ultimately decreasing diseases and saving lives.

For further information, please visit

Two out of Three Office Workers Want Choice to “Sit or Stand” at Desks, Says New Ergotron Survey

ST. PAUL, Minn.---Two-thirds (67 percent) of U.S. office workers wish their employers offered them desks that could be adjusted so they could work either seated or standing. Over half (about 60 percent) of employees surveyed were convinced they would be more productive if they had the option to work on their feet.


These are among the findings of a new “Just Stand In The Office Survey” of 1,007 U.S. full-time workers at large companies by Ipsos that was commissioned by Ergotron, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of ergonomic computer mounting and mobility products. The survey coincides with Ergotron’s launch of a global computer safety campaign called “The Uprising: Just Stand” that is designed to challenge millions of office workers to alternate sitting and standing at their computers throughout the day and to redefine the future of workplace wellness.


Among the other findings about office workers from Ergotron’s “Just Stand In The Office” survey:

Two out of Three Office Workers Want Choice to “Sit or Stand” at Desks

•      Long hours of sitting - Employees spend an average of two-thirds of their working hours (about 28 hours out of the average workweek of 42 hours) trapped in a seated position. Most of that time sitting is spent at their desk (21 hours per week), along with in meetings (three hours per week) and working at home (four hours per week).

•      Lots of seated computing time - Employees spend an average of 25 working hours each week (6 hours on a typical day) sitting in front of a computer or mobile device.

•      Disdain for sedentary workday – A majority (73 percent) of employees say they do not like spending so much time sitting at work.

•      Need to seek medical help for discomfort - A quarter of employees (24%) say they had to seek holistic or professional medical care to alleviate discomfort related to their work environment. Further, the more hours employees say they spend in front of a computer, the more often they report seeking this type of medical attention.


Home base for Ergotron’s “The Uprising: Just Stand” campaign is, a website that offers a library of research about the “sitting disease” and the benefits of standing more during the workday. The site offers a free Ergonomic Payback Calculator, a downloadable 11-page Body Coach eBook and ways for office workers to connect with other advocates of standing at work.


“The Uprising campaign invites office workers to reclaim their right to move and encourages their employers to take a stand for corporate wellness by giving workers the choice of sitting or standing during their day,” says Joel Hazzard, president and CEO for Ergotron. “Our new ‘Just Stand In The Office” survey results suggest that the old model of sitting behind a computer for our entire workday must change.”


Public and scientific opinion agrees with Hazzard – this past July, O Magazine’s Dr. Mehmet Oz warned of a “Sitting Epidemic.” Sitting for prolonged periods of time, Dr. Oz says, causes metabolic slowdown, larger waists, greater body mass indexes and higher levels of blood fats. Last April, BusinessWeek’s article, “Your Office Chair Is Killing You” announced that research in the diverse fields of epidemiology, molecular biology, biomechanics and physiology has converged toward a startling conclusion, “sitting is a public health risk.”


Many studies affirm that today’s employees should be standing up to counter the effects of an increasingly sedentary life:

•      A July 2010 American Cancer Society study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology of 120,000 adults suggests that the more people sit, the shorter their average life span. What’s more, the findings were independent of physical activity level such as with people who exercise outside of work.

•      A January 2010 British Journal of Sports Medicine article suggests that people who sit for long periods of time have an increased risk of disease, prompting WebMD to suggest: “if you are reading this while sitting down, you might want to stand up for a moment.”

•      A January 2010 study of 8,800 adults published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association said that for every 60 minutes you sit watching TV daily, you may increase your risk of early death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. “The human body evolved to move, not sit still for extended periods of time,” says lead author David Dunstan. “What has happened is that a lot of the normal activities of daily living that involved standing up and moving the muscles in the body have been converted to sitting.”

•      A 2008 Vanderbilt University study of 6,300 people published in the American Journal of Epidemiology estimated the average American spent 55 percent of their waking time (7.7 hours a day) in sedentary behaviors such as sitting.


To facilitate the campaign’s impact on businesses, Ergotron has introduced its WorkFit line of ergonomic, height-adjustable workstations that enable employees to lift their keyboards and computer screens to any height so they can stand, or sit, as they choose. WorkFit-S ($379 - $399 US) is a surface mount that transforms most desks or tables into a sit-stand work area. WorkFit-C ($899.00 MSRP) is a mobile cart workstation that enables workers to sit or stand while they work to reduce potential neck and back pain. To view Ergotron’s WorkFit models in action visit


Ergotron is providing complementary WorkFit products to qualifying corporations for evaluation purposes. In addition, for a limited time, Ergotron is giving away one WorkFit-S sit-stand workstation a week. Residents of the U.S. and Canada may enter the Stand2Win sweepstakes at


For more information about Ergotron products, visit, call 1-800-888-8458, or join the discussion on

Media Note: To interview workplace ergonomics expert Dr. Joseph Sweere, author of Golden Rules for Vibrant Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit and professor at Northwestern Chiropractic College in Minneapolis, MN, please contact: Christina Milanowski, Maccabee Group, 612-337-0087 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


About Ergotron’s “Stand In Your Office” Survey: These are some of the findings of a poll conducted August 3-10, 2010 by Ipsos and commissioned by Ergotron. For the survey, a national sample of 1,007 adults aged 18 and older who are currently employed full-time at a company with 1,000 employees or more were interviewed online. For reference, the estimated margin of error for a survey with an unweighted probability sample of this size and a 100% response rate would be of +/- 3.1 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.


About Ergotron: Founded in 1982 by VESA FDMI standard author and visionary Harry Sweere, Ergotron is a global manufacturer of digital display mounting and mobility products, headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with sales efforts in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Ergotron’s products have been improving the human interface with digital displays for over 25 years. Our history of innovation and passion for differentiation is evidenced in over 37 patents and our growing portfolio of award winning products for computer monitors, notebooks, and large flat panel displays and T.V.s Ergotron products enhance computing wellness, improve workplace productivity and create business process efficiencies, wherever and whenever they’re used. Incorporating Ergotron’s Constant Force lift and pivot motion technology, wall and desk mount arms, stands, mobile carts, pivots and vertical lifts require less effort to achieve more ergonomic motion, improving the user’s experience when viewing any digital display for work or entertainment.

Metagenics Announces Acquisition of Bariatric Advantage

San Clemente, CA (August 19, 2010)Metagenics, Inc., a San Clemente, California-based life sciences company, today announced its acquisition of Catalina Lifesciences, Inc., the Irvine, California-based maker of Bariatric Advantage®. Bariatric Advantage is the market leader in the development of micronutrient replacements for weight loss surgical patients. Metagenics is a leading researcher, manufacturer, and distributor of medical foods and nutritional products used in lifestyle therapy programs sold to healthcare professionals to manage their patients’ chronic illnesses and achieve their genetic potential through nutrition.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Metagenics Announces Acquisition of Bariatric Advantage

“Strategic acquisitions are an important part of our growth plans and Bariatric Advantage is a perfect fit for Metagenics. This acquisition extends our therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle programs as solutions for chronic illnesses,” stated Fred Howard, CEO of Metagenics. “Working together, Metagenics and Bariatric Advantage will shape the market in the rapidly growing bariatric nutrition field. We will continue to invest in scientific validation, new product development and distribution to support these programs.”


“Metagenics is an excellent partner for us,” said Thomas Kinder, President and CEO of Catalina Lifesciences. “Both companies have built superior quality and science into our product lines and services, and have been the innovators in our respective spaces. The additional resources provided by Metagenics’ research, business systems, and global presence will expand our ability to bring the advantages of our products to a much broader audience of bariatric patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.”


The products and services of the two companies together span the continuum of health – from prevention and wellness through chronic illnesses through lifelong solutions for individuals who undergo weight loss surgery.


Currently, ten million people in the United States have a body mass index (BMI) measurement of 35 or higher and co-morbid health conditions that make them candidates for weight loss surgery. Each year, approximately 230,000 individuals have weight loss surgery in the United States alone. Bariatric Advantage products provide these individuals with easily absorbable nutrients to promote long-term good health following their surgery. Each Bariatric Advantage product meets Metagenics’ strictest manufacturing standards and is formulated to promote ease of absorption, good taste and long-term patient compliance.


“Catalina Lifesciences will operate as a strategic business unit of Metagenics, retaining its executive leadership, name, products, brand and employee base, while benefiting from the many resources within Metagenics,” said Howard.


About Metagenics, Inc.


Metagenics, Inc. ( headquartered in San Clemente, CA, is a global life sciences company focused on reversing chronic illnesses and improving health. Metagenics supports healthcare practitioners in incorporating lifestyle medicine into their practices, offering education and practice management programs such as FirstLine Therapy® to assist them in this transition. More than 75,000 healthcare professionals in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, South Africa and Asia use Metagenics’ products to help their patients achieve a lifetime of good health. Founded in 1983, the company currently holds more than 40 proprietary formula patents. Today, Metagenics continues its leadership role by successfully merging nutritional genomics, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine to develop solutions to society's most pressing health concerns. In August, 2009, Metagenics entered into a joint venture with Alticor (, a global leader in the nutrition and wellness industry. Alticor is an $8 billion corporation offering products, business opportunities, product development, manufacturing and logistic services in more than 80 countries and territories worldwide. Both Metagenics and Alticor share a philosophy for promoting good nutrition, healthy living and natural science.


About Bariatric Advantage

Bariatric Advantage ( is the market leader in providing micronutrient support to patients who have experienced weight loss surgery. The company works with bariatric surgeons and allied healthcare professionals throughout the United States and abroad, who in turn refer their patients to Bariatric Advantage for long-term nutritional product support services and education. The Bariatric Advantage executive management team is internationally recognized for its role in shaping and guiding the development of targeted nutrition and providing education in this rapidly growing medical specialty.

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