Blue Cross or Blu-ray: Nearly Half of Adults Spend More Time Researching Latest Gadget Than Their Doctor
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Monday, 07 February 2011 15:48

Study Finds Consumers Want More Information on Doctors Online

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the recent Patient Choice study released by Insider Pages and conducted by Harris Interactive®, U.S. adults with a primary care physician spend more time researching the latest electronic gadget or a gift for a friend than they do selecting their primary care physician. At the same time, the majority of U.S. adults with a primary care physician wish they could find more comprehensive information about their doctors online.

While the online ratings and reviews category has seen explosive growth in recent years across a number of categories such as consumer electronics, healthcare has lagged far behind, and consumers have more or less settled for what they can find out about their doctors from health insurance websites. The end result is that many consumers don't favor one source of information to evaluate potential doctors outside of their insurance companies' websites. Compounding this problem is the belief by many of those with a primary care physician that the recently passed Healthcare reform bill will require them to switch doctors. Between November 10 and November 21, 2010, Insider Pages commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct the telephone study among 2,020 adults aged 18+ of whom 1,490 have a doctor they consider their primary doctor.

The results also suggest that many people base their choice of doctor on the convenience of the doctor's office location, as opposed to other important factors such as patient ratings, the doctor's malpractice records or expertise.

Jack LaLanne, Nutrition and Fitness Guru and Chiropractor, Dies at 96
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 27 January 2011 11:39

LalanneJack LaLanne, whose obsession with grueling workouts and good nutrition, complemented by a salesman's gift, brought him recognition as the founder of the modern fitness movement, died Sunday, January 23, at his home in Morro Bay, CA. He was 96.

The cause was respiratory failure resulting from pneumonia, said his son Dan Doyle. Mr. LaLanne underwent heart-valve surgery in December 2009.

A self-described emotional and physical wreck while growing up in the San Francisco area, Mr. LaLanne began turning his life around, as he often told it, after hearing a talk on proper diet at age 15.

He started working out with weights when they were an oddity and, in 1936, he opened the prototype for the fitness spas to come—a gym, juice bar and health-food store—in an old office building in Oakland, CA.

"People thought I was a charlatan and a nut," he remembered. "The doctors were against me—they said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks and they would lose their sex drive." But Mr. LaLanne persevered, and he found a national pulpit on television.

"The Jack LaLanne Show" made its debut in 1951 as a local program in the San Francisco area, then went nationwide on daytime television in 1959. His short-sleeved jumpsuit showing off his impressive biceps, his props often limited to a broomstick, a chair and a rubber cord, Mr. LaLanne pranced through his exercise routines, most notably his fingertip push-ups.

He first was sponsored by the creator of a longevity pill, a 90-year-old man, but it sold poorly and he obtained Yami Yogurt as his new sponsor. "It tasted terrible, so I mixed it with prune juice and fruits," he told The New York Times in 2004. "Nobody thought about it until then. We made the guy a millionaire."

Mr. LaLanne's show continued into the mid-1980s. It had a second life in reruns on ESPN Classic. "We have over 3,000 shows," he said in 2004. "I own everything."

He invented forerunners of modern exercise machines, such as leg-extension and pulley devices. He marketed a Power Juicer to blend raw vegetables and fruits and a Glamour Stretcher cord, and he sold exercise videos and fitness books. He invited women to join his health clubs and encouraged the elderly and disabled to exercise.

At 60, he swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman's Wharf handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound boat. At 70, handcuffed and shackled again, he towed 70 boats carrying 70 people a mile and a half through Long Beach Harbor.

Mr. LaLanne was born in San Francisco on Sept. 26, 1914, and spent his early years on his parents' sheep farm in Bakersfield. By age 15, the family having moved to the Bay Area, he was pimply and nearsighted, craved junk food and had dropped out of high school. That's when his mother took him to a women's club for a talk by Paul C. Bragg, a well-known speaker on health and nutrition.

That talk, he often said, turned his life around. He began experimenting with weights at the Berkeley YMCA, tossed aside cakes and cookies and studied Gray's Anatomy to learn about the body's muscles. He graduated from a chiropractic school.

Mr. LaLanne brimmed with optimism and restated a host of aphorisms for an active and fit life. "I can't die," he liked to say. "It would ruin my image."

The New York Times --

TCC Partners With Logan & Parker To Form ICON; Invite DCs to Participate in Research Projects
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 27 January 2011 10:47

ICON_logoTexas Chiropractic College is excited to announce its partnership with Logan College of Chiropractic and Parker College of Chiropractic with the formation of a new collaborative research program, the Integrative Chiropractic Outcomes Network (ICON).

ICON is a practice-based research network (PBRN), which the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines as a group of clinicians and practices working together in ambulatory care to answer community-based health care questions and translate research findings into practice. For ICON, each partner does what they do best: practitioners provide their customary excellent care, and the research team collects and analyzes data to answer important research questions. Data collection is streamlined to avoid intruding into individual practices

To be a success, ICON needs the assistance of as many doctors of chiropractic from across the country as possible, not just the alumni of TCC, Parker and Logan. There are no costs to practitioners involved in the PBRN, and continuing education credits may be available in some states for the training portion of participants. ICON is unique in that the goal is not only to enhance the health of the public but to contribute to the evidence base related to health promotion and disease prevention.

The first project will collect cross-sectional data on patients presenting in participating offices for one week.  It involves a brief form patients complete only once. Doctors also complete two forms, once, about their practice characteristics. This usually takes about 5 minutes. Phone training for you and your staff will take approximately 20 minutes.

Any D.C. interested in participating may learn more online Interested parties with specific questions may also contact TCC’s Director of Research Will Evans, D.C., Ph.D., at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; Logan’s Director of Clinical Research Cheryl Hawk, D.C., Ph.D., at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or Parker’s Dean of Research Ronald Rupert, D.C., M.S., at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

New ThermaCore® Packs and Covers Provide Deep Penetrating Moist Heat Therapy
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 27 January 2011 10:21

pic_thermacore_502_857-combo(Osceola, WI) – October 23, 2010 - Core Products’ new ThermaCore Packs deliver moist heat to relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment. Available in multiple sizes, ThermaCore Packs can also be used on the back, neck, and extremities to help relieve pain from arthritis, bursitis, backaches, sprains and strains, muscle soreness, and headaches.

“The therapeutic moist heat radiating from these packs is more effective at providing deep penetrating heat to tissue than conventional heat packs,” explains Philip Mattison, president and founder of Core Products International, Inc.

ThermaCore Packs should be heated in 160°F (71°C) water for at least 20 minutes prior to application to the desired area. Each product also features convenient, color coded tabs to ensure that fully heated  packs are available at any time.

“We wanted clinics to be able to integrate the ThermaCore line into their existing procedures as seamlessly as possible,” says Mattison, “The packs can be stored indefinitely in a heating unit, always ready for use. The colored tabs simply provide a visual indicator for pack rotation.”

To ensure maximum effectiveness and patient safety, ThermaCore Packs should be placed in a protective cover before use. ThermaCore Pack Covers, also available from Core Products, are available in sizes to complement the ThermaCore Packs, allowing professionals to vary the heat intensity by adding or removing layers of insulation. For moderate application of moist heat therapy, Core Products also offers foam lined ThermaCore Pack Covers.

Core Products recommends that the ThermaCore Packs remain in a heater or water bath after initial use, as the fill material in the packs may distort if previously conditioned packs are allowed to dry completely. For infrequent use, conditioned ThermaCore Packs can be stored in the freezer.

A leading manufacturer of orthopedic soft goods, Core Products International, Inc. was founded with the idea that therapeutic products should be comfortable to wear and easy to use. Core Products led the industry with the release of the unique Tri-Core pillow in 1990. The Tri-Core quickly became the most recommended pillow in the chiropractic field. In addition to ThermaCore Packs, Core Products offers a broad variety of innovative pillows and positioning products, support cushions, back belts, hot and cold therapy, and handheld massagers.



For more information on the ThermaCore line, or to schedule an interview with company contacts, please contact Chuck Mancino at 904-280-5433 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Third Annual Parker Gala Raises Chiropractic Research Funds
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Thursday, 27 January 2011 09:25

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 26, 2011 – Parker College of Chiropractic held the Third Annual Parker Gala on Friday, January 14, during Parker Seminars Las Vegas. Event proceeds will provide additional funding for chiropractic research and will benefit the advancement of the profession. More than 360 seminar attendees, industry professionals, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors attended the most elegant night in chiropractic to celebrate the profession and recognize chiropractic research accomplishments.

Third_Annual_GalaOver the last several years, the profession has made great strides in gaining acceptance among both the public and the greater medical community. Millions of dollars are given to medical research each year with only a small number of federal grants being awarded to projects involving chiropractic. The gala proceeds provide grants to support small studies conducted by researchers at academic institutions. These studies become significant when the research project is published in scientific or peer-reviewed chiropractic journals, and this achievement serves as the bridge to secure larger federal and foundation grants.

Cleveland Chiropractic College and Southern California University of Health Sciences were recognized as having already received research grants from a portion of the 2010 gala proceeds. The two institutions also received a complimentary registration to this year’s Parker Seminars Las Vegas.

The Drugless Research Hall of Fame Award was presented to the third inductee, Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr, president of The National Institute of Chiropractic Research and co-founder and chief executive officer of Activator Methods International. Dr. Fuhr was honored with the award because of his dedication to chiropractic research and pursuit of excellence as a chiropractor to impact the health care of the world without drugs. Dr. Fuhr is the co-inventor of the Activator® Adjusting Instrument and the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®. In 1985, he received the first grant ever given to chiropractic from the National Institutes of Health. The Drugless Research Hall of Fame is an innovative recognition platform designed by Parker College to showcase significant drug-free contributions in research worldwide.

During the gala, honorary host, Nick Vujicic, president of Life Without Limbs, shared his inspirational story, the story he has shared with millions around the world. Vujicic a native of Melbourne, Australia, was born without arms and legs. Obstacles did not stop Vujicic and at age 28, he has accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. He is the president of an international non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs, and also has his own motivational speaking company, Attitude is Altitude.

Guests were entertained by Makusa, a band made up of Parker College students. Their repertoire was a smooth blend of blues, rock, and latin grooves, which kept attendees on the dance floor. Additional entertainers included Song Division and Matthew H. Montgomery. Song Division consists of world-class musicians with major recording and performing credits, including The Trans Siberian Orchestra and Broadway’s Rock of Ages, and who have performed with elite members of Queen and Led Zeppelin. Matthew H. Montgomery, a Parker student who toured the nation as a professional musician before coming to Parker, shared his musical talent as an acoustic guitar player, songwriter, and singer.

Investools from TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. and Drucker Labs showed tremendous support and assisted with the gala’s success as major sponsors of the event.

Parker College would also like to thank those who supported the gala as VIP Table Sponsors: Aviall, Dr. Jack Donovan, Dr. JC Doornick and ChiroMission, D.T. Nguyen, Foot Levelers, International Chiropractors Association, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Maximized Living, McWilliams and Associates, and Standard Process.

In addition, Parker would like to thank the following donors who contributed as Premier Table Sponsors: American Chiropractic Association, Canadian Chiropractor, Chiropractic Economics, DAV Productions, JoLynne Jensen, Dr. Gilles Lamarche, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini-student table, MPA Media, NCMIC, Neuromechanical Innovations, Parker Alumni Association, Spinal Research Foundation, The Vitality Depot/Spidertech, World Congress of Women Chiropractors, World Federation of Chiropractic, and ZG Distributing.

Others who contributed to the success of the event include, the Parker Gala Honorary Host, Nick Vujicic, and Honorary Host Committee: American Chiropractic Association president, Dr. Rick A. McMichael; Association of Chiropractic Colleges president, Dr. Frank J. Nicchi; Foundation for Chiropractic Progress president, Kent Greenawalt; International Chiropractors Association president, Dr. Gary L. Walsemann; Spinal Research Foundation president, Martin Harvey; World Congress of Chiropractic Students president, Dr. Stanton Hom; World Congress of Women Chiropractors president, Dr. Elizabeth Taylor; and World Federation of Chiropractic president, Dr. J. Michael Flynn.

If you’re interested in contributing to support chiropractic wellness research, please contact the office of development at 877.971.9525.


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