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News Across the Profession
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 15:12

Southern California University of Health Sciences Faculty Member Wins International Chiropractic Essay Competition

Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) faculty member Garrett Thompson, PhD, has been awarded first prize in the faculty division of the International Chiropractic Essay Competition offered by the ONE Research Foundation. To be eligible, contestants must have been engaged as fulltime, adjunct, or emeritus faculty members of a chiropractic college.

The essay competition was titled, "Should Chiropractic Academia Embrace the Biopsychosocial Model?" Dr. Thompson’s winning essay was titled, "The Biopsychosocial Model in Academia: Philosophy or Best Practices?" and is featured on the foundation website at

Dr. Thompson is an assistant professor at SCU. He received his PhD in Biochemistry from Loma Linda University in California, and his BS from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

The ONE Research Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization that funds scientific research, and endeavors to bring Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to the world. The foundation funds research published in peer reviewed journals in an effort to support clinical data with scientific validation. For more information the on Southern California University of Health Sciences, go to



New GCA Site Offers Healthy Living Tips

Georgians looking for a healthier lifestyle now have a new tool to help., the official patient site of the Georgia Chiropractic Association, is packed with useful healthy living tips and information on how chiropractic care fits perfectly into routine wellness care, improves athletic performance and relieves pain.

Launched by GCA, the site gives patients access to important health information for an optimum lifestyle. The site provides articles on wellness, profiles of member chiropractors, a diagnosis tool, an "Ask a Chiropractor" section and a weekly healthy living tip.

Patients looking for pain relief, wellness, healing from accidents or improved athletic performance will find sections tailored directly to their needs. They may also search for a doctor by city, name, school attended or methods practiced, and find out what to expect during their first visit. The site also includes information on how chiropractic can positively impact the health of children.

For more information and an additional link to this new patient Web site, go to



Brazil–Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Chiropractic Profession


On March 3, 2009, in the latest step by the Brazilian Chiropractors’ Association (ABQ) to defend the chiropractic profession against efforts by the physiotherapy profession to have chiropractic declared a specialty of physiotherapy (PT), Federal Judge Diana Brunstein has ruled strongly in favor of the ABQ.

Chiropractic is a profession not a technique, says Judge Brunstein, and PT authorities should not seek to declare it a specialty of physiotherapy. An appeal by CREFITO, the regulatory body for PT in the State of São Paulo, asking to remove an earlier court injunction against CREFITO, was denied.

The background to this dispute is that the ABQ, representing less than 400 chiropractors in Brazil, is promoting legislation to regulate the practice of chiropractic. The response of the national regulatory body COFFITO, representing over 90,000 PT’s, has been to claim chiropractic is a specialty of PT.

For Judge Brunstein’s decision in Portuguese and English, much more information, a list of donors, and a donation form, should you be willing to assist with the ABQ’s ongoing legal and legislative costs, visit



NCBTMB Issues Statement Regarding the Use of its Certification Tests as the National Standard for Entry-Level Licensure Exams

The Board of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) has issued the following statement regarding the use of its certification tests as the national standard for entry-level licensure exams. The statement was issued on behalf of the NCBTMB Board by Paul R. Lindamood, NCBTMB’s Chief Executive Officer.

"NCBTMB whole-heartedly supports licensure through our certification program as the best licensing path for the massage professional. Over 30 years of national policy and precedent in the healthcare field, as well as 16 years of successful implementation by the NCBTMB favoring licensure through certification, supports this successful inter-relationship.

"NCBTMB’s exam program has successfully raised the standards for massage therapy and thereby protected the public health, safety and welfare since 1992. Today, in 33 of 39 states that regulate massage, our licensure through certification programs have successfully helped transform massage into the acknowledged, respected profession it has

News To The Profession
News Across the Profession
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 13:50

& Trade Show will take place at the Hyatt


GCA Spring Conference-Savannah, GA-May 1-3
THE GEORGIA CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION SPRING CONFERENCE & Trade Show will take place at the Hyatt Regency Savannah in the beautiful historic district of Savannah on May 1-3. The program will feature Dr. Steve Troyanovich, speaking on Structural Rehabilitation of the Spine and Posture: A Practical Approach. Joining him on the program will be Dr. Raymond Fowler, F.A.C.O., D.A.C.B.R., who will present a program on Spinal Stabilization. Also on the program will be Bharon Hoag, C.P.C., C.H.C., the Senior Consultant in the ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group, and Laurie Simpson, C.C.A.

For additional information about the conference & trade show, go to

Research Department at Northwestern Health Sciences University Creates New Positions to Increase Research Study Capacity

THE WOLFE-HARRIS CENTER FOR CLINICAL STUDIES (WHCCS) AT Northwestern Health Sciences University recently created two positions in a strategic move to increase the capacity to take on different types of research studies. Barry Taylor, D.C., was named research clinic director, and Sara Zwagerman, B.S., was named research clinic administrator. According to Roni Evans, D.C., M.S., dean of research, the research department is working toward offering treatments on a fee-for-service basis in the Biofreeze Thera-band Rehabilitation Center. This will be in addition to continuing to conduct a variety of research studies. The new positions were created, in part, to support this endeavor. The addition of these new roles will help the department effi ciently address resource needs and spot potential barriers, and enhance responsiveness to the needs of patients, funding agencies, and the institution. For more information:

Chiropractors Keeping It Clean A TEAM OF DEDICATED PUBLIC HEALTH CARE RESEARCHERS HAVE published a protocol for hand and table sanitization in the March 2009 issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. In this study, the authors reviewed the scientific literature and developed a protocol for hand and table sanitizing that is specifi c to the chiropractic profession. The purpose of this article is to present a proposed guideline for hand and treatment table surface sanitizing for the chiropractic profession that is evidence- based and can easily be adopted by teaching institutions and doctors in the fi eld. This article offers the chiropractic profession a set of guidelines that may assist in educational environments, teaching clinics, and private practices. The article is available to subscribers and may be accessed for free through the journal website www. The Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA-CHC), founded in 1995, has maintained a critical role in public health issues such as well-ness, health promotion and disease prevention in the context of chiropractic policies and practices. For more information about the CHC, visit aphasections/chc/ Autism Is the Leading Health Care Crisis in Our Country IN 2008, DR. RENEE TOCCO FORMED THE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC Autism Board (ACAB). The ACAB has a world-class board of advisers that bring extraordinary expertise concerning care for ASD (autism spectrum disorders) and represents the many different facets of recovery. To help children with ASD, you must restore biochemical and neurological balance. The ACAB will host a three-day conference on May 15-17, 2009, in Charleston, SC.

On May 15, 2009, The 2009 International Vaccine Risk Symposium will bring together some of the best medical minds of our times who will validate and expose the latest research on the dangers of vaccines, including vaccine-induced microvascular aneurism. May 16-17, 2009, ACAB presents Hope for Autism. This conference equips chiropractors to responsibly address autism, Attention Defi cit Disorder, learning disabilities and other neurological developmental problems using BioNutritional Care. Doctors of chiropractic that complete the training conference will be added to the ACAB’s online referral directory. For more information visit or call 1-843-766-1969. Robert and Riekeman on Philosophy at WFC Congress PAST NEWS ON THE WORLD FEDERATION OF CHIROPRACTIC’S 10TH Biennial Congress to be held in Montreal, April 30 to May 2, 2009 ( has focused on keynote technique and clinical science speakers.

This meeting, co-sponsored by the Canadian Chiropractic Association and with a theme of Celebrating Chiropractic in the 21st Century, also has an outstanding program on the philosophy of chiropractic and health care. One session has three leading authorities speaking on whether the biopsychosocial model, rather than the biomedical model, should be the philosophical model for not only chiropractic but all health care, namely:

• Serge Robert, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Quebec at Montreal.

• Guy Riekeman, D.C., President, Life University, Marietta, Georgia.
• Alan Breen, D.C., Ph.D., Professor of Musculoskeletal Health Care, Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, England. Highlights of the Congress social program include an opening reception, a Thursday Quebec cultural night, and the Saturday night gala banquet and dance.
All information is at www.wfc. org/congress2009.

News To The Profession
News Across the Profession
Written by TAC Staff   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 11:05

California Chiropractic Association
Produces Pro-Chiro Video!

Go to to view CCA’s professionally produced video in which Terry Schroeder, DC, four-time Olympian and coach of the silver medal-winning 2008 USA Olympic Men’s Water Polo team, shares why he and so many other world-class athletes, as well as everyday people, rely on chiropractic care to keep them well. This video delivers that message of how great chiropractic is in living color. CCA proudly represents the chiropractic profession in California, and we think these videos proudly represent CCA members. To join CCA and get free access to this video, contact Scott Van Horn at 1-916-648-2727, ext. 124 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Over 100 Chiropractors Meet in Cordoba, Argentina, South America

From Dec. 12-Dec. 15, 2008, over 100 chiropractors came from several countries to meet, discuss, and learn marketing, philosophy, and communication skills that will send them back to their communities with powerful new ways to communicate vertebral subluxation centered chiropractic with their practice members. It was also the first graduation of a group of twenty-one chiropractors who, for two years, have studied rigorous and principled courses in chiropractic art, science, and philosophy.

For more information on chiropractic in Argentina, contact the AQA at


Scope of practice dispute can proceed,
Texas court rules

A Texas appeals court gave the green light to state
physicians’ challenge to stop chiropractors from performing certain medical procedures.

Judges, in a Nov. 26, 2008, decision ruled unanimously that the Texas Medical Assn. had the right to sue the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners over a board rule allowing chiropractors to perform spinal manipulation on patients under anesthesia. Physicians allege the regulation intrudes on the practice of medicine and violates a 2005 state law prohibiting any "surgical procedures" from the scope of chiropractic practice. The TMA filed the lawsuit jointly with the Texas Medical Board.

The chiropractic board said it is considering whether to appeal to the state Supreme Court. If not, the case will head to trial. The agency maintains it has complied with the legislative instructions and plans to defend the rule.

News of the profession
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News Across the Profession
Written by TAC Staff   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 14:19

The American Chiropractor is committed to sharing current state news from all 50 states within the chiropractic profession. We welcome a news brief from your organization that is 50-100 words. Please e-mail your news to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-888-668-8728 and ask for Carey.

News To The Profession
News Across the Profession
Written by TAC Staff   
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 08:48

SPECIAL CALL FOR ACTION Health Care Reform AKA Politics 101

The honeymoon is drawing to a close for President Obama as he attempts to advance his plan for reforming the health delivery system in the United States. Phrasing like "Obama-care" and other clever plays on words are starting to raise their ugly heads. Remember, accomplishing something is infinitely more difficult than derailing something. The "derailers" are out in full force. This isn't the Clinton era. The concepts of health care reform in the Days of Bill didn't have the urgency that they have today. Many people are now beginning to appreciate that the train wreck ahead could make the current subprime mortgage debacle look like a walk in the park.

So...whaddayado? We need to mobilize the way Obama mobilized the electorate to become president. We need to get into the fray. We need to get everybody who has any concern about tomorrow's health care into the fray. Start by writing the President, then your U.S. Senators and then your U.S. Representatives. Do it today. If you need help on what to say, how to say it, how to send it and/or where to send it, visit Do it today. If you don't, you give up any and all rights to a legitimate bitch down the road.Source: "The Latest Stuff," by Gerry Clum, President of Life West College, D.C. Sign up for the Newsletter on   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Western States Chiropractic College (WSCC) Broke Ground on What Will Be Their New, 21st Century Anatomical Sciences Building!

Portland, OR: In 2004, WSCC’s Board recognized the need to replace the current Anatomy Lab and began to develop the vision of an exciting new, environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art Anatomical Sciences Building. This summer, construction will begin on the new building at the WSCC campus.


The Anatomical Sciences Building will provide a greatly improved environment that better cultivates the education of WSCC students and supports the latest advanced learning technology. Follow the progress and see the latest design renderings at

For questions or interview requests, contact Todd Loggan, Director of Communications, Western States Chiropractic College; phone 1-503-251-2836; or visit


Summit to be Held at FCA in August

For the sixth time in eighteen months, leaders of the chiropractic profession will gather to pool resources, make plans and rally the chiropractic troops at the Summit, to be held at the Florida Chiropractic Association Convention in Orlando, Florida August 27-30, 2009.

Representatives of the American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractors Association, Association of Chiropractic Colleges, Congress of Chiropractic State Organizations, and top chiropractic colleges, vendors and practice consultants will come together and develop a unified effort to spread the chiropractic message and encourage legislators to pass laws that support chiropractic patients.

At the past five Summit meetings, groundwork was laid to forge a new coalition among key players in chiropractic politics, business and academics, to work toward getting our profession on the same page. The goal is to improve public relations through education, and enlist the aid of influential senators and congressmen-and-women to champion the causes of millions of chiropractic patients, who depend on our unity to receive the benefits they want and need under the new administration’s plan to provide health care coverage for all.

For more information please contact the Foundation For Chiropractic Progress at or call 1-866-901-F4CP.



Mexican University Names Library in Honor of Dr. Fabrizio Mancini,
President of Parker College of Chiropractic

Ecatepec, Mexico: The Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE) has dedicated a new campus building and library to Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker College of Chiropractic located in Dallas, Texas.

The brand-new building which will house the library is currently under construction and is set to be completed by October 2009. The Secretary of Education for the State of Mexico, Licenciada Maria Guadalupe Monter Flores, represented by the Subsecretary of Middle and Superior Education, Licenciado Jorge Cruz Martinez, as well as academic and administrative directors from UNEVE honored Dr. Mancini at a special ceremony where they unveiled the blueprints.

"To recognize your generosity, an act which we are confident will provoke other donations from similarly generous people and institutions, we are naming our library Biblioteca Dr. Fabrizio Mancini," said Dr. Ismael Sáenz Villa, Rector at UNEVE.

Dr. Mancini recently donated more than 1,200 books from his personal library to the university, understanding that "books are meant to be shared, not stored.

For additional information about Parker College of Chiropractic, visit the college’s website at

Source: Parker College of Chiropractic.


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