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21 The Amazing Chiropractor Series: Interview with Terry Schroeder, D.C. TAC Staff 3177
22 Chiropractic Biophysics Technique - Interview with Deed Harrison, D.C. William Koch, D.C. 3676
23 Applied Kinesiology Demystified: Interview with Eugene Charles, D.C. Bill Koch, D.C. 3016
24 Chiropractic for Pregnant Women: Interview with Karen Gardner Bagnell, D.C. TAC Staff 3224
25 Neuro Modulation Technique: Interview With Dr. Leslie Feinberg Bill Koch, D.C. 3919
26 Marketing Machine Steven Visentin, D.C. 1884
27 Restoring Energy Balances in the Body A Straight Chiropractor Re-thinks Acupuncture William Koch, D.C. 1841
28 Can Cloud Computing Really Save You Thousands Annually? TAC Staff 3154
29 RAISING STANDARDS Vernon Temple, D.C. 2270
30 Interview with Leander Eckard, D.C. TAC Staff 2052
31 Turning the Tables Tim Emsky 1078
32 Spray the Pain Away Hubert von der Beeck 1060
33 Challenge, Check and Correct the Entire Structural System Tedd Koren, D.C. 926
34 Chiropractors on TV / Infomercials Made Easy Jeff Hockings, D.C. 1520
35 Chiropractors on TV / National TV Campaign Joe Mershon 1519
36 Chiropractors on TV: Do-it-Yourself TV Advertising Dr. Richard E. Busch, III, D.C. 1774
37 A Practice Based On Purpose, Passion and Never-ending Training Boyd Williams, D.C. 956
38 Dr. Karl Parker Shares His Dream for Chiropractic Karl Parker, D.C. 1423
39 Treating Everything from Anger to Zygomycosis Steve Thaxton, D.C. 1612
40 Working Together Worldwide David Chapman-Smith 896
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