Multi-Strain Flu Prevention & Correction with Homeopathy
Written by Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C.   
Monday, 27 February 2006 01:29


ver the past 200 years, homeopathy has developed a proven track record against the flu, ranging from the basic bug to the many epidemics and pandemics of history. In fact, the spectacular ability of homeopathy to outperform allopathic treatment of influenza has been well documented, even during the deadly Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1920. This epidemic resulted in 20-40 million deaths worldwide, with more than 500,000 deaths occurring in the United States. The alarming death rate of the Spanish Flu epidemic exceeded even the ravages of the Bubonic Plague of 1347, which killed a third of the European population. Fortunately, many patients in the United States had access to homeopathic care during this time. A report in 1921 documented the dramatic success of homeopathy in the worst flu pandemic in history. Of the 24,000 cases treated with conventional medicine, the death rate was 28.2 percent; of the 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy, the death rate was an amazing 1.05 percent!

With the intensity of modern travel, flu strains can move quickly across communities and countries, changing and mutating along the way. Traveling by jet, a new influenza virus from China could reach Tokyo in hours and arrive in New York City within a day. New viruses appear regularly, and flu vaccines are largely unsuccessful in managing this disease. Despite the availability of vaccines, 100,000 people died of the Asian Flu in 1957, 50,000 people died of the Hong Kong Flu in 1968, and each year, in the United States alone, 10,000 to 20,000 people die from complications of the flu. While the allopathic medical community struggles to manage influenza, homeopathic practitioners have been successfully preventing and treating the flu for more than 150 years.

The two most popular homeopathic flu remedies are Anas Barbariae (prepared from the Barbary duck, a known carrier of influenza viruses) and Influenzinum. From the years 1918 to 1957, homeopathic Influenzinum was derived from samples taken from patients infested with the deadly flu strain of the 1918 pandemic. Subsequently, remedies are now offered which use multiple flu strains chosen for each coming flu season by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

There are several studies and clinical trials that reveal the efficacy of both Anas Barbariae and Influenzinum in the treatment of influenza. Recent double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled clinical trials published in the peer-reviewed British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and British Homeopathic Journal show that Anas Barbariae provides a statistically significant action in decreasing flu-like symptoms, including cough, runny nose, sore throat, and muscle pain, as well as in shortening the duration of the disease. In one study, full recovery from flu symptoms within 48 hours was 66.0 percent greater in the Anas Barbariae group than in the placebo group!

The survey documented the use of Influenzinum over a 10-year period in 453 patients. Results of the survey showed that, in approximately 90 percent of the cases, no instances of the flu occurred when Influenzinum was used preventively, no matter what the dosage protocol; and 98 percent of the patients expressed a desire to continue the preventive treatment.

The above studies, though conducted in different countries, during different flu epidemics, and involving a variety of participating treatment centers, show a striking commonality: homeopathic treatment of the flu is highly effective and welcomed by patients. Conventional antiviral drugs reduce the duration of the flu by about one day, if taken within the first 48 hours of illness, and can cause adverse effects, such as nausea, dizziness, disturbed sleep, and depression. Comparing the results of homeopathic studies with the meager effect of conventional treatment shows that homeopathy carries the potential to make a dramatic difference in any flu epidemic, without the risk of drug side effects.

The ideal homeopathic influenza formula should cover a broad spectrum of flu symptoms, including fever, chills, night sweats, exhaustion, aches, nausea, vomiting, headache, mucus congestion, runny nose, sore throat, swollen glands, coughs, bronchitis, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Combination formulas of greatest efficacy should contain official homeopathic remedies proven for the flu, particularly those remedies that have a history of successful use during even the most difficult of epidemics, such as Gelsemium, Arsenicum album, Bryonia, Baptisia, Rhus tox, and Eupatorium perforatum. In addition to Influenzinum (made with the current flu season viral strains) and Anas Barbariae, the bird nosode Aviaire may impart additional efficacy to a dynamic formula.

Because homeopathy works on a bioenergetic level, rather than a biochemical level, it can work quickly and curatively, even with conditions previously thought to be difficult or incurable. Homeopathy offers the safest, most effective, time-tested resume when it comes to influenza, and the more intense the condition the more remarkable the results!

COLD vs FLU: What Is It?

Knowing the difference between a cold and flu can be most important for both their prevention and treatment. Because they share some similar symptoms in the same seasons, they often run together in our minds. Most of us have a vague idea they are different, but when it comes down to a differential diagnosis and explanation to our patients, we can be easily deluded.

The common cold is the most prevalent infectious disease with over 200 different types of associated viruses, such as Rhinoviruses (nose viruses), Respiratory Syncytial Viruses (RSV) and a host of others.

The primary symptoms of a cold are centered around the nose (stuffy, runny nose and sneezing) and can spread throughout the head. Throat irritation without redness can be involved. Adults and older children generally have minimal or no fever, while infants and toddlers can have a fever of 100 to 102 degrees. Depending on the virus, headache, cough, burning eyes, some muscle aches and decreased appetite can also be involved.

Children average 3 to 8 colds per year and occur more frequently in younger children. Parents get about half as many colds, with mothers getting at least one more cold per year than the dads.

Symptoms will occur within 1 to 5 days of exposure and last for about 7 days. If symptoms last longer, consider sinusitis or allergies.

Flu symptoms come on more suddenly, are more intense, and originate from a single family of viruses (Influenza Viruses). Tens of thousands of people in the United States die from the flu and its complications each year. Most deaths are by those weakened from advanced age and/or major illnesses.

Flu symptoms classically include fever of 102 to 106 degrees with children experiencing the higher end. Chills, muscle aches, exhaustion, flushed face, headaches, and vomiting or diarrhea may occur.

Symptoms will commonly appear in 2 to 3 days of exposure, usually from inhaling airborne droplets from coughs or sneezes.  Due to the short incubation period, the flu commonly infects a community within 2 or 3 weeks. The primary symptoms last 4 to 7 days, with a lingering cough and tiredness that may last for weeks.


For prevention during high-risk months: Take one dose every week.

For treatment of the flu: The flu can commonly be stopped in its tracks if treatment begins in the early stages. Afterwards, symptoms may be lessened by at least 50% in their intensity and length of time. Begin with 6 to 8 doses per day and cut in half as symptoms are lessened by half. Continue with one dose per day for one week after symptoms are negated, to help prevent the second wave of symptoms that flu is often characteristic of manifesting.

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy, and the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Dr. King offers ongoing CE seminars and a free copy of his turnkey procedural manual, which can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line. Call 800-543-3245, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Neustaedter, R. FLU: Alternative Treatments and Prevention. North Atlantic Books, 2005.

Sheperd, Dorothy MD. Homeopathy in Epidemic Diseases. C.W. Daniel Company 1996.

Grow Your Practice with Education
Written by Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C.   
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 22:16

Education is, to our practice and profession, what location is to real estate. There are two facets to education:  educating yourself and educating your patients and the public.

Educating Yourself

If your practice has become stagnant or boring, I highly recommend homeopathy for you.  Homeopathy can revive both you and your practice with a newfound sense of fulfillment. Contemporary methods of homeopathy can be quickly and easily incorporated into your practice, with a vast therapeutic armamentarium to safely broaden your scope of practice while maintaining a high volume practice.

Educating Your Patients/Public

Since breaking ground as pioneers in the holistic movement in the late 1970’s, we have always valued patient education.  We have found that the growth and size of our practice has been in direct proportion to our educational efforts.  In fact, education was paramount in breaking the $1 million per year barrier back in the 1980’s.

These educational efforts included a traditional mandatory evening lecture for all new patients on a weekly basis.  We also educated the general public, using every available venue at social and professional events.  Having a multiple doctor/therapist practice certainly alleviates the pressure and burden that a single practitioner can feel having to execute all these appearances.

However, one of our most effective long-term educational tools proved to be our series of ten classes, scheduled one evening per week.  We averaged 35 people per group of students in these classes designed to equip people with many of the therapeutic tools we used in practice.  The focus of the classes was to empower our patients to take greater authority and control of their health and lives.

We have taught many of the healthcare techniques patients could safely use and effectively incorporate into their lifestyle.  The key to providing a successful educational program is to teach what you are passionate about concerning your practice and healthcare procedures.

Our passion has been to provide a healthcare perspective of the “whole-person.”  We teach how health is fully maximized when our body, soul, and spirit are all working harmoniously.  We include many of the techniques, procedures, and products we have found most effective and efficient in improving our patients’ health and quality of life.  Sincerity and transparency in sharing what you find most important in your heart about health are vital components to a successful educational program.

If you are finding little in your heart to share, that’s a good indication that you need to begin seeking more information and developing more substance in your healthcare perspective.  If people are not accepting what you have to share, you may need to more fully and functionally develop the information you are sharing.

Your ability to help people is proportionate to the strength and completeness of your healthcare armamentarium. Pure, raw results will always rule over the best-laid marketing plans.  Second to your ability to provide great results, a well-designed marketing plan will then provide you great success. The well-proven, time-tested principle is that success flows to those who hold the answers to the perceived problems of the time. Today, people are becoming increasingly aware of their health potential and the need for naturally safe methods to achieve optimal health.  Those equipped with the knowledge and ability to help the most people and do the greatest good will become the greatest successes of the time!

Homeopathy has proven to me, over the past 25 years of practice, to provide the greatest therapeutic diversity and effectiveness, above all other adjuncts.  In our practice, with an average of four doctors of various disciplines and thirteen support staff, we have collectively applied every credible natural therapy that we have discovered from around the globe.

The ability to effectively address the common, chronic, recurring health problems plaguing our society is essential to developing a successful and fulfilling practice.  Everyone wants to visit the doctor that helps those that other doctors cannot.

Homeopathy provides a powerful arsenal to equip the chiropractor to safely and successfully address the common health problems perplexing our present healthcare system. From allergies to warts and headaches to hemorrhoids, homeopathy offers the chiropractor simple and safe solutions to a plethora of healthcare issues. Solid results will always rule over the best advertising and marketing plans. 

Communication, however, is one of the most powerful tools we have in today’s society.

We found that the more we educated our patients, the more confident and excited they were to share what they learned with their family, friends and anyone else who would listen.  Our patients became our personal representatives, working for free, educating potential patients, and leading them to our valuable services. The most effective advertisement you will ever have is the educated, motivated, and excited patients you create through effective healthcare and education.

Patients who completed our courses averaged twelve referrals to us per year!  More than one-third of our patients traveled for more than one hour, each way, to see us.  And, because we had great success in providing solutions to so many unresolved maladies, developing a cash practice was an easy process.

I encourage you to discover the many wonderful benefits homeopathy has to offer you and your practice, as it has ours. 

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, he is the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Dr. King offers ongoing CE seminars and a free copy of his turnkey procedural manual called The Contemporary Homeopathic Systems & Solutions (CHESS).  These procedures can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line and are so easy you can apply them in one day.  Call King Bio Homeopathics, 800-543-3245, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Breakthroughs in Mental and Emotional Health
Written by Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C.   
Friday, 26 August 2005 20:22

As chiropractors, a major key to addressing the whole nervous system is obviously found in the mental and emotional realm. Although individual approaches have been developed to therapeutically enhance our mental and emotional health, none has achieved the depth and dimension of what homeopathy has accomplished.

All official homeopathic ingredients have had unique comprehensive clinical testing on humans called “provings”.  The uniqueness of the double-blind proving studies of homeopathy has set it apart from all the other approaches in physical, mental and emotional healthcare. These provings show how we are vitally interconnected to the elements of our environment, our specific symptomatic responses to each of these elements, and the therapeutic results that can be achieved with each of these substances.

For example, a homeopathic proving of Rhus Tox (Poison Ivy) is performed by homeopathically-trained medical professionals by giving approximately 100 healthy people a certain amount of Rhus Tox and systematically observing them over a specified time. As one would expect, itching vesicles would appear, but a lot of other unexpected symptoms would also occur. Trained homeopaths are taught to systematically observe people, beginning with the mind and emotions.  They then work through the rest of the body, including the head, eyes, ears, nose, face, teeth, mouth, throat, appetite, stomach, abdomen, stool, anus, urinary organs, male and female sexual organs, respiratory tract, chest, heart, neck and back, limbs, generalities, skin, sleep, fever, and modalities, or what makes the symptoms better or worse. Even unique, peculiar, or different dreams, thoughts, or behaviors are recorded in detail. All this information is then used to match certain symptomatic patterns in the provings with similar symptomatic patterns in people outside the proving group.

Trained professionals have laboriously done the exhaustive compilation of this specialized and unprecedented clinical testing. The results of these studies are meticulously recorded in detailed Homeopathic Materia Medicas and Repertories.  The FDA, along with the majority of other regulatory organizations from other countries around the globe, accepts this research and uses it as a guideline for drug registration, claims, and labeling. The majority of the major countries have applied this valuable homeopathic research safely and effectively from both clinical and regulatory perspectives.
Homeopathy has passed the test of time and adversity. There is no other drug product that has withstood this level of scrutiny. Homeopathy offers us, literally, the safest products on the planet that can honestly claim to have “no side effects” and “no known negative drug interactions.”

Our most effective results have come from combining highly potentized combinations of deep acting homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy oils, and flower essences from around the globe (Bach/English, American, Australian, etc.). All three of these remarkable healing arts, when homeopathically potentized, have provided the most comprehensive natural approach for the healing and restoration of our mental and emotional states.

Although these approaches are highly effective and essential for the enhancement of our mental and emotional health, they do not fully negate, but, rather, dynamically help assist us in our powers of choice, responsibility, and accountability in life.

We have discovered a broad spectrum of multiple potencies of homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, and aromatherapy oils to permeate the deeper levels of the mind and emotions. They are specifically combined to gently and safely bring healing to the innermost portions of our beings. The multiple potency approach is essential to more completely impact us at every level, offering the greatest good therapeutically. A broad spectrum of X potencies, 1M potency, and especially the LM potencies, have provided the greatest results, including the highest percentage of results, percentage of cures, speed of response and gentleness of results with the minimum of healing reactions, retracing or crises. This approach provides an actual cure and correction of many perplexing mental and emotional issues that sabotage our highest expressions of health and life.

Traditionally, in homeopathy, the mental and emotional symptoms are keynote symptoms that are measured as most important to finding the correct remedy to best help the whole person at every level and dimension of life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The mental and emotional formulations have been key to correcting some of the most resistant or difficult physical cases. Homeopathic mental and emotional formulas should always be considered to better help the whole person and more efficiently correct even general cases.

Frank J. King Jr., ND, DC, is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio®, an FDC registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy.  Call King Bio at 800-543-3245, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.

Making Stress a Good Thing
Written by Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C.   
Tuesday, 26 July 2005 18:55

Stress, itself, is simply the stimulus of life. How we process and manage stress determines whether the stimulus of life becomes a good thing or a bad thing for us.

Stress can be the stimulus that causes us to do good things in this world. It can cause us to find solutions to problems in both our inner and outer worlds. Stress is the motivating stimulus that drives us to solve problems and make the world a better place.

Stress can make us bitter or better people. We can succumb to being a victim in life or we can strive to become a victor in life. Stress can make us weak and unstable or stronger and more stable. Stress can break us down or condition us to handle and take on more in this world. The difference in our outcome is in how we are able to process and manage our stress.

No matter what the stress, if we can go to the positive, we will become a better person through the process. Stresses such as deadlines, competitions, confrontations and even our frustrations and sorrows can add depth, enrichment, character and quality to our lives.

The shocking thing is that 70 to 80 percent of all visits to physicians are for stress-related disorders. Of all American health problems, 80 percent are related to stress.

Stress or, for a better term, distress can cause both short-term and long-term illnesses. Whether it’s a temporary weakening of our immune system or a chronic disorder, distress is commonly the causative factor.

Homeopathic Solutions to Stress

Homeopathy works to correct the underlying causes to distress. I have practiced homeopathy for over 25 years and have found it to quickly and effectively help patients positively process stress and correct the common conditions associated with distress. I am most excited about the results homeopathy has to offer this most common problem perplexing our society.

Homeopathy actually corrects nerve interferences where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach. In fact, it empowers the chiropractor to impact the whole nervous system. Together, chiropractic and homeopathy equip the chiropractor to safely and effectively help the majority of problems plaguing our society by correcting the plethora of nerve interferences occurring throughout the whole person.

There are nerve interferences and aberrations deep within our nervous systems that cause distress to occur. Homeopathy has the power to correct these deeper interferences and free us from the negative effects stress can have over us. It works deep within the fabric of our nervous systems to help us positively process stress. Homeopathy helps us make stress a good thing.

Increase Your Armamentarium

Homeopathy offers fast and curative solutions to the wide range of stress related conditions. These symptoms include fear, anxiety, nervousness, over sensitivity, worry, stage fright, performance anxiety, irritability, restlessness, anguish, rage, jealousy, disappointment, depression and the negative effects of shock. There are also homeopathic formulas designed to correct conditions like nightmares, phobias, mood changes, grief, guilt and claustrophobia.

Homeopathy also offers formulas for associated conditions like addictions, eating disorders, smoking, ulcers, digestive disorders, asthma, headaches, TMJ, eye stress, fatigue, jet lag and PMS.

Although the above conditions are directly related to distress, almost any health condition can have a distress factor associated with it. In fact, many people are suffering from the negative effects of distress and don’t even know it. One of the most common health problems associated with distress is the obvious—back pain.

There are a number of homeopathic stress related products in the marketplace that can be simply applied to the chiropractic practice. Whether the distress is mental, emotional or physical, homeopathy offers the chiropractor some simple solutions to this perplexing problem.

The more intense the distress, the more frequent the dose. Distress is generally treated with an oral dosage, however many of the localized affects of distress can be additionally addressed with a topical dose, as well. For example, if you are dealing with a stress related headache or back pain, you can have additional therapeutic value by applying it topically over the affected area. This way you are helping from the inside out as well as the outside in. I have found both a faster and a higher percentage of results using the oral and topical dosages together.

The Doctor of the Future

Everybody wants to see the doctor who helps the chronic, recurring and resistant cases that have become so common in our society. Homeopathy offers the chiropractor the added armamentarium it takes to correct these difficult cases. It also offers the chiropractor the ability to more quickly and effectively correct the average cases we see daily in our office. The more dynamic your results, the more dynamic your practice!

Bottom line—the more effective we are in helping people, the greater our value grows as a DC. Results are, and will always be, the most effective practice-building tool we can ever have. Good marketing and a positive up beat personality are valuable tools, but will never surpass the power of superior results. When you begin cracking the difficult cases other doctors could not, your practice will go to a whole new level. Your referrals will grow, your good reputation will grow and you will gain greater respect and appreciation from your patients, your co-workers and your colleagues.

With homeopathy, you will grow inwardly, as well. Your sense of self-worth grows in proportion to your ability to help people. The more you are able to positively impact the health and lives of your patients the greater your inner reward. Your sense of fulfillment will reach a whole new level. This realm of inner growth spills over into every aspect of your life.

Your finances will obviously grow as you begin cracking the diversity of chronic recurring cases plaguing our society. Money is the by-product of services rendered. Homeopathy equips you with the safest, most curative, complete and comprehensive therapeutic armamentarium on the planet!

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy.  Dr. King offers ongoing CE seminars and a free copy of our turnkey procedural manual called “The Contemporary Homeopathic Systems & Solutions,” (CHESS).  This complete manual empowers the Chiropractor to create a high volume broad-spectrum practice.  These procedures can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line and are so easy you can apply in one day.  Call King Bio Homeopathics, Asheville, N.C., 800-543-3245, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy
Written by Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C.   
Sunday, 22 May 2005 15:59

A major clinical trial of more than 16,000 women in 2002 (Women’s Health Initiative) produced shocking results.  Pre-trial data suggested a then commonly prescribed combination drug for hot flashes, containing estrogen and progestin, could decrease heart disease and cancer in women.  Just 5 years into the trial, originally planned to run for 8½ years, the women were told to stop taking the hormone medication.  Tests had revealed that the 6 million American women taking the drugs might be at greater risk of coronary heart disease, by 29%, invasive breast cancer, by 26%, strokes, by 41%, and blood clots, by 100%!

The results of the trial were published in the July 17, 2002, issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.  Lead investigators recommended “clinicians stop prescribing this combination for long-term use,” having significant consequences for all women.

Dr. Jerry Avorn, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Chief of Pharmaco-Epidemiology at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, stated that, “If you are a company and can demonstrate that your drug works well for some short-term outcome—in this case it was the hot flashes of menopause—that drug can then come to be used in a very widespread way for indications that really have nothing to do with the basis on which it was originally approved.”  There seem to be ample marketing dollars to encourage use of such drugs, but it took years to raise the research dollars needed to find out if they actually work and are safe.”

The meticulous short-term studies required by the FDA are good, but they offer little knowledge in relation to the long-term effects of the best test of all, the test of time.  The WHI results show how necessary the trials are to predict long-term outcomes.

The Homeopathic Solution

Homeopathy has passed this test of time.  In over 200 years of clinical use, no homeopathic product has ever been pulled off the market for any harmful side effects, negative drug interactions or addictions. Homeopathy offers us double blind studies called “provings,” clinical confirmations and, best of all, the test of time.

It may, at first, look like you are just treating symptoms; but quite the opposite is true.  Symptoms are just the body’s language communicating to us.  There are many homeopathic formulas to safely and effectively correct dysfunctions within the woman’s hormone system.  Consider the following formulas for the associated conditions. (I have used generalized descriptive names, which can be cross-matched to the product lines of most homeopathic companies.)

• Menopause: Hot flashes, sweats, chills, clammy skin, heat in the head, headaches, hot feet, mood swings, anxiety, sensitivity, and wanting to be alone.
• Female libido enhancement: Helps enhance female sexual desire and vitality and combat dry, tender, sore or burning vagina, abhorrence to sexual intercourse, frigidity or painful intercourse.
• Fertility: Helps relieve vaginal dryness or discharge, sensitive or itchy genitalia, irregular cycling and discomfort during intercourse.
menopausewoman• Menstrual cramps and irregularities: Balances menstrual flow, i.e., too heavy, too light or irregular flows.
• Osteoporosis: Helps mineralize and strengthen bones. Helps heal bone fractures, bone pain and weak spines.
• Anxiety and nervousness: When symptoms are associated with menopause.
• Good mood enhancement: To enhance moods.
• Mood changes: For more extreme shifts in moods.
• Cardiovascular: For related symptoms.
• Fatigue relief: When symptoms are associated with menopause.
• Female PID discomforts: For pelvic inflammatory diseases.
• PMS: When symptoms are associated with menopause.
• Breast: For related symptoms in the breast.
• Apoplexy: To help in the recovery and prevention of strokes.
• Constitutional enhancement: For general overall health enhancement.
• Detoxification: Offers many remedies that activate our detox or drainage mechanisms so that they function properly.

Homeopathic combination formulas can actually help you get a higher percentage of cures and faster results than classical single remedy results.  The multiple potencies in combinations allow the body to safely, quickly and effectively go into an actual cure.  Giving the body a choice of potencies allows the body to pick the potencies that best fit the need.  When given more choices, the body will most efficiently and effectively apply the best remedies and their potencies to more gently heal without crisis.

Homeopathy works to activate the innate healing abilities resident within all of us.  Understanding we are designed to be healthy, we no longer need to force biochemical changes with drugs in a shallow effort to suppress certain symptoms. There is no need to suppress symptoms when you can effectively express the body’s innate healing ability with the proven, effective and safe methods offered by homeopathy!

Frank J. King Jr., ND, DC, is a nationally recognized researcher, author, and lecturer on homeopathy. Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio®, an FDA registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy. Call King Bio at 800-543-3245 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.


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