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1 Static Surface EMG: The Blood Pressure Cuff for Chiropractic Care David Marcarian, MA and Nancy Miggins, DC 1575
2 Range of Motion Testing: What DC's Need to Know Daniela Birkelbach 3448
3 On-Site Electrodiagnostic Testing: What to Consider George S. Petryk, B.S., D.C., D.A.C.N.B., F.A.C.F.N., F.A.B.E.S. 957
4 Can You Explain Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness? Kirk Lee, D.C. 2493
5 Computerized Diagnostic Technology Aaron Ford, D.C. 2128
6 The Lateral Films–Objective and Reliable Evidence Mark R. Payne D.C. 2100
7 The Real Necessity for Diagnostics and Imaging Dr. Mark Studin DC, FASBE, DAAPM, DAAMLP 1704
8 Heart Rate Variability; Insight into the Nervous System Christopher Kent, D.C. 4191
9 Diagnostics as a Part of an Evidence Based Chiropractic Practice Dwight C. Whynot, D.C. 1232
10 Blood Chemistry Analysis as a Nutritional Diagnostic Tool Dr. James P. Cima, D.C. 1684
11 Myo-Logic Diagnostics: Bringing Evidence Based Procedures to Chiropractic Harold McCoy, D.C. 1916
12 Validate The Need for Care Before & After TAC Staff 1237
13 Planning for the Future Suzi Plank 1117
14 Diagnosing & Treating Obesity Suzi Plank 1135
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