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21 Coding the Right Way! Kathy Mills Chang 2991
22 Products & Software To Help You Work with Insurance To Get Paid TAC Staff 2803
23 Secrets of Marketing TAC Staff 3045
24 Fitness and Chiropractic A Critical Niche for Your Practice and the Chiropractic Profession Dr. Eric Plasker, D.C. 2761
25 Herniated Discs and Conservative Treatments Jay Kennedy, DC Michael Schneider, DC., PH.D David Seaman, D.C. 4730
26 Spinal Decompression and Traction- What Is The Difference? Dr. David Bass, DC:, D.A.A.M.L.P. 3621
27 Achieving Longevity Through a Healthy and Drugless Lifestyle Dr. Eric Plasker, D.C. 2877
28 Dr. Lester Bryman & The 50 Year Evolution of Nutrition Response Testing Susan Karnovsky 5832
29 Sports Chiropractor Specialist Gerald R. Mattia, D.C. Shares his Secrets to Success Gerald R. Mattia, D.C. 3644
30 How to Attract Seniors Roger Russo, D.C. 2739
31 Interview with David S. O’Bryon, Executive Director, Association of Chiropractic Colleges David O'Bryon, ACC Executive Director 3231
32 Best Selling Nutritional Products TAC Staff: Nutritional Supplements 1969
33 Straight Answers on Curved Spines Dennis Woggon, DC, B.Sc. 3131
34 Decompression is More than Traction Allan Dyer, B.S., M.D., Ph. D. 1927
35 Neurology & Chiropractic Frederick Carrick, D.C. 3971
36 25 Years of Whiplash Research Arthur Croft, D.C. 6030
37 Interview with Jeffrey Slocum, D.C. Jeffrey Slocum, D.C. 2233
38 Over 34 years in Service to the Profession Gerard Clum, D.C. 2343
39 Teaming up with DCs, MDs, PTs and PhDs... & Loving it! Dr. Joel Dekanich, D.C. 2333
40 A Man of Many Hats Christopher Kent, DC 2357
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