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1 Hall of Famers Metallica Swear by Chiropractica Don Oyao, MA.,DC.(USA)ND., MA Sp.Chiro Sci(Australia) 5955
2 Addiction: A Unique Chiropractor’s Pursuit of the Source TAC Staff 3468
3 What’s Your Solution? The Real Skinny on our Obesity Epidemic— No Pun intended Susan Blackard, R.N., N.D.C, M.H.A., F.N.P.C 2354
4 Nutritional Alternatives to Prescription Drugs Dr. Howard F. Loomis, D.C. 2277
5 Decompression... Where it all Began Allan Dyer, B.S., M.D., Ph. D. 2077
6 Inspiring Millions to Become More Fulfilled and Successful TAC Staff 2046
7 X-Ray In Motion Dagmar Arce 3025
8 Thinking About a Problem While Getting Adjusted? TAC Staff 1952
9 Real Marketing from the Experts Market Review 1800
10 “Nerve First” Approach David Fletcher, D.C., F.C.C.S.S.(C) 2048
11 CLEAR Scoliosis: Case Study Dennis Woggon, DC, B.Sc. 3638
12 Stroke… A Different Perspective John L. Stump D.C., Ph.D., Ed.D. 1706
13 Review of the Literature: Non - Operative Scoliosis Treatment Marc J. Lamantia, D.C., and Gary A. Deutchman, D.C. 2144
14 Crash Course on Personal Injury Practice Success TAC Staff 3321
15 Evidence Based Wellness Care Dr. James L. Chestnut , D.C., F.I.C.C., F.A.C.C. 2091
16 Nutritional Support for Health Market Review 3062
17 Second Generation Chiropractor in the Trenches for Broad-Based Education TAC Staff 1830
18 Principles of a Sports Medicine Practice Jack Dolbin, D.C. 1647
19 Instrument Adjusting Panel TAC Staff 3494
20 The State of the Chiropractic Profession TAC Staff 2114
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