September 2013
September 2013

Director's Desk
From the Directors DeskFrom the Director's DeskJoseph P. Busch, B.A., D.C.The metamorphosis that health records have undergone with the development of various computer programs has been transformative for the modern chiropractic practice. With this progress, several companies have developed a broad influence across the profession, while using their leveraged, software...Read More >>

Special Feature
Inside Chirotouch: From Emerging Tech Company to Innovation PowerhouseInside Chirotouch: From Emerging Tech Company to Innovation PowerhouseTAC StaffRon walks through his department, musing at the firmly presented evidence of new plans and projects displayed on a large wall-mounted flat screen TV. At ChiroTouch, it’s all about transparency. Every employee must be able to quickly tour the office...Read More >>
MRI Spine ProtocolsMRI Spine ProtocolsMark Studin, D.C., F.A.S.B.E.(C), D.A.A.P.M., D.A.A.P.L.M.Your pateint has radicular pain in the lumbosacral distribution that is status post-motor vehicle accident and you order a lumbar MRI. The report rendered by a board certified general radiologist concludes mild disc bulging at L5-S1. However, upon further review...Read More >>
The Unlikely Defender of the Subluxation: Interview with Gary Jacob, DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDTThe Unlikely Defender of the Subluxation: Interview with Gary Jacob,...TAC StaffGary Alan Jacob, DC, LAc, MPH, DipMDT completed his baccalaureate studies in Philosophy of Science. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1978 and the California Acupuncture College in 1981. He was the first DC and the 12th...Read More >>


Balance Your Life and Grow Your PracticeBalance Your Life and Grow Your PracticeDave Braun, DC & Troy Amdahl, DCThe old saying “Seeing is Believing” became the theme to a recent trip or should we say, chiropractic reconnaissance mission.  The purpose of the trip was to visit multiple chiropractic clinics and get to the bottom of why some clinics...Read More >>
Five Ways to Market Your Chiropractic PracticeFive Ways to Market Your Chiropractic PracticeTom Owen IIIAre you looking for new ways to market your chiropractic business? Have you tried traditional methods but have not seen the returns that you were hoping for in your company? Do you need a fresh, new approach to promoting the...Read More >>
Why Should Patients Choose You?Why Should Patients Choose You?David PrittWhether you are opening a new practice, buying an existing practice, or just working every day to grow, getting new patients and keeping them is a daunting task. Competition is around every corner and simply advertising exceptional chiropractic care isn’t...Read More >>
Static Surface EMG: The Blood Pressure Cuff for Chiropractic CareStatic Surface EMG: The Blood Pressure Cuff for Chiropractic CareDavid Marcarian, MA and Nancy Miggins, DCBlood pressure measurement has become well-accepted as a means of screening for cardiovascular health and tracking effectiveness of treatment. But the American Heart Association states clearly that test-retest reliability is poor, with variables including proper training, positioning of the patient,...Read More >>
Motion Limitations Hamper RunnerMotion Limitations Hamper RunnerJohn Danchik, D.C., F.I.C.C., F.A.C.C.History and Presenting Symptoms The patient, a 33-year-old female, is a marketing director who took up running for stress reduction and weight loss. She has been running for six months and has progressively increased her mileage. She is experiencing recurring...Read More >>


Yellow Pages
Australian Chiropractor Suspended for Two Years for MisconductAustralian Chiropractor Suspended for Two Years for MisconductTAC Staff: Yellow Pages AUSTRALIA, A chiropractor  who gave an Essendon player hyperbaric treatment has been suspended for two years after he was found guilty of misconduct.   According to findings by VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal), South Yarra chiropractor Dr Malcolm Hooper also...Read More >>
Windermere Chiropractor Sentenced to Federal Prison in Fraud SchemeWindermere Chiropractor Sentenced to Federal Prison in Fraud SchemeTAC Staff: Yellow Pages CAPE CORAL, FL--- A  Windermere chiropractor was sentenced to five years in federal prison on Wednesday for his role in a health care fraud scheme, prosecutors said.   Dr. Stephen M. Lovell, 55, was convicted of conspiracy to commit health care...Read More >>
Clackamas Chiropractor Cleared of False ChargesClackamas Chiropractor Cleared of False ChargesTAC Staff: Yellow Pages CLACKAMAS, OR An administrative law judge decided a Clackamas chiropractor didn't commit fraud, pinch a client's butt or commit other improper acts but was the target of lies by a disgruntled former employee.   The Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners recently...Read More >>
Other Articles
Decompression: Myth, Magic, or MiracleDecompression: Myth, Magic, or MiracleEric Kaplan, DC, F.I.A.M.AOnce again, our profession is at odds with itself over something whose benefits it should be welcoming with open arms – “spinal decompression”.One of my early mentors told me, “Chiropractors circle the wagons and then shoot at each other.” Today...Read More >>
Diabetes…a Gut FeelingDiabetes…a Gut FeelingMark R. Payne, DCHere’s a study from Spain published in February 2013 that should be of interest to a great many chiropractors. Although nutrition certainly isn’t my forte, occasionally an article comes along that I simply can’t ignore. Since a very large percentage...Read More >>


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