February 2013
February 2013

Director's Desk
From the Directors DeskFrom the Director's DeskJoseph P. Busch, B.A., D.C.Applying chiropractic adjustments to children has immeasurable effects on the trajectory of the child receiving care.  The impact of a fully functioning nervous system on a “damaged child” has an immediate effect, creating a “brighter” patient, as described to me...Read More >>

Fascial Manipulation©(FM)Fascial Manipulation©(FM)Warren I. Hammer, DC, MS, DABCOModern myth has it that doctors in Europe are ahead of us in new methods of healing.  The truth of this may be dubious but it does underscore the importance of keeping abreast of healing advances in other countries as...Read More >>
Oklahaven Childrens Chiropractic Center: CEO Dr. Bobby DoscherOklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center: CEO Dr. Bobby DoscherTAC StaffDr. Bobby Doscher is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center in Oklahoma City, which is celebrating its 50th year of helping the severely hurt children return to health in a natural way. The...Read More >>
Other Articles
Burst Training for Fast Fat LossBurst Training for Fast Fat LossJosh Axe, DCMost people who want to burn fat and lose weight assume going to the gym and doing traditional aerobic exercise like jogging on the treadmill is the best way to see results.  But recent research is proving long distance cardiovascular...Read More >>


Kathy's Monthly Chronicles
The Road to Financial Ease…Cash Profit Centers!!The Road to Financial Ease…Cash Profit Centers!!Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P Reimbursement woes are often at the forefront of chiropractic practices that rely heavily on patient insurance for payment. Many chiropractors find their cash flow dependent on the whims of insurance companies and their ever-changing reimbursement policies that bounce up and...Read More >>
Joint Pains Bother Fitness SeekerJoint Pains Bother Fitness SeekerJohn Danchik, D.C., F.I.C.C., F.A.C.C.History and Presenting Symptoms This female patient is a 51-year-old small business owner and exercise enthusiast.  She reports pain in the front of her left knee over the past several months, especially when exercising at the gym.  She has no...Read More >>
Pending Spondylolysis and/or Spondylolisthesis: What’s It All Mean?Pending Spondylolysis and/or Spondylolisthesis: What’s It All Mean?Terry R. Yochum, D.C., D.A.C.B.R., Fellow, A.C.C.R., and Alicia M. Yochum, D.C., R.N., BSNCase History This 18-year-old female gymnast is complaining of unilateral left-sided lumbar spine pain at the L5 level.  Standard plain film radiographs show no evidence of pathology, pars defects or spondylolisthesis.  Because this patient’s pain did not respond to conservative...Read More >>
Special Feature
ADHD Treatment through the SHINE Protocol ModelADHD Treatment through the SHINE Protocol ModelKira Bailey, DC with introduction by Edward Hallowell, MDChiropractic patients consistently rate their care services very highly, and yet many chiropractors must work hard to find and keep patients. I argue that just because everyone needs chiropractic care, it doesn’t mean you should market to everyone. I have...Read More >>
How to Make Your Marketing More EffectiveHow to Make Your Marketing More EffectivePaul S. Inselman, DCIf I were to say Mercedes-Benz, would it conjure an image of an expensive, reliable, and safe car? What if I asked you about the qualities of the Red Roof Inn versus the Ritz Carlton Hotel? Do they look different...Read More >>
New Software = New Improved PracticeNew Software = New Improved PracticeClaude CoteThere are tons of reasons why chiropractors change the software in their office.  Most of the time, lack of service and software limitations trigger this important decision.  Often, the goal of changing chiropractic software is to eliminate a frustration over...Read More >>


Yellow Pages
Hennepin County Jury Returns Excess Verdict Against American Family InsuredHennepin County Jury Returns Excess Verdict Against American Family InsuredTAC Staff: Yellow Pages EAGAN, MN, January 26, 2013 After being told to "get over it" by an American Family adjuster, a 22-year old woman, after nearly drowning in a car crash, was awarded almost $284,000 by a Hennepin County jury. On Wednesday, January...Read More >>
Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit to Block Florida PIP ReformFederal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit to Block Florida PIP ReformTAC Staff: Yellow Pages TALLAHASSEE, FL, The R Street Institute, a free-market think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C., has issued a press release praising the order by Judge Richard Lazzara of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida dismissing a lawsuit...Read More >>
Lawsuit Attacks Colorado D.C. Ability to Administer DrugsLawsuit Attacks Colorado D.C. Ability to Administer DrugsTAC Staff: Yellow Pages Colorado Springs, CO, The Colorado Medical Society filed a lawsuit Monday to halt a rule that would allow chiropractors to administer drugs.   The rule was created by the Chiropractic Board of Examiners and would authorize practitioners to administer drugs topically,...Read More >>
GROW Your Pediatric Practice with HOMEOPATHY: Safe Alternative to Drugs for ChildrenGROW Your Pediatric Practice with HOMEOPATHY: Safe Alternative to Drugs...Frank King, ND, DCScience has finally mounted enough evidence to strongly recommend the avoidance of allopathic drugs during pregnancy due to the dangers to the infant. We should be even more cautious from birth to adolescence when a child is still in the...Read More >>
News Across the Profession
Dr. Frank Zolli Retires as Dean of The University of Bridgeport, College of ChiropracticDr. Frank Zolli Retires as Dean of The University of...TAC StaffAfter 20 years and 34 graduating classes that placed doctors of chiropractic in 27 states and 6 countries, Dr. Frank Zolli, founding dean of the only chiropractic college housed within a comprehensive university setting in the United States of America,...Read More >>
Chiropractic Trip to IndiaChiropractic Trip to IndiaTAC StaffDr. Clint Dorn, D.C., is planning on promoting chiropractic in a big way next year.  Dr. Dorn is leading a delegation of chiropractors to India next summer. The group will tour medical facilities in Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, India, from...Read More >>


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