December 2010
December 2010

What's Hot - Products, Services & NewsTAC StaffPivotal Health Solutions, Inc. Appointed Exclusive Distributor of Teeter Inversion Products to Healthcare IndustryPivotal Health Solutions, a leading provider of products to the health and wellness industry, has agreed to market and sell Teeter’s leading line of medical grade...Read More >>
Controlled Emotion, Focused Energy and the Power of Persistence Lead...Dr. Eric Kaplan, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.Yes, I know insurance companies don’t pay what they used to and times are tough. But in tough times we need to reflect on our inner winner, our own toughness. Beethoven rose above deafness to compose majestic music....Read More >>
Lower Extremity Conditions and Postural SupportJohn J. Danchik, D.C.History and Presenting Symptoms A 37 year-old male presents with a report of pain in his lower back and right hip. Further discussion elicits a history of previous right hamstring strain during high school soccer, along with several episodes...Read More >>
EHR Certification: NOT Only For Medicare and Needed to...Paul B. Bindell, D.C.The handwriting is on the wall. Are you paying attention? The government has mandated that the Electronic Health Record (EHR) computer software that you use in your office must be certified in order to qualify for the Medicare stimulus of...Read More >>
Providing Care to a Younger GenerationMichael Failla, D.C. Recent years have invited many evolutions in the way we communicate and in the way we hold our bodies throughout the day. These evolutions are giving rise to a rash of new complications as patients start walking through the office...Read More >>
Five Traits That Predict FailureTom Owen III, and Todd Osborne, D.C.Blame If you blame people or circumstances for your lack of success you are not mentally tough.   Blaming others is what we do when we’re not responsible enough to accept the consequences or outcomes of our decisions.  You are the only...Read More >>
Low Back Pain-Arthritis Link with Resultant Hospital vs. Chiropractic...Dr. Mark Studin DC, FASBE, DAAPM, DAAMLPThe American Chiropractic Association (2010) reported that 31 million Americans experience low back pain. This is an epidemic at a staggering rate because what most of the public and doctors alike do not understand is what that sets the patient...Read More >>
Creating a Strong Positive First Impression with TechnologyClaude CoteOver the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with some brilliant Chiropractors. As per the nature of the profession, DC’s are warriors in what they do. They keep working hard with chiropractic education, marketing,...Read More >>
Our Profession Needs Official Chiropractic SpokespersonsChester Wilk, D.C.    We can all agree that if the public truly understood chiropractic’s therapeutic superiority for safely correcting many of the musculoskeletal and stress related ailments which are being treated with dangerous drugs and surgery that chiropractic would multiply...Read More >>
The Chiropractic College State of the UnionArlan W. Fuhr, DCSince last spring, I have toured and made presentations at nine different chiropractic colleges in the U.S. and overseas. I always love speaking to students as their enthusiasm is thoroughly contagious. From my observation, it appears that people who have...Read More >>
Don't Be That DoctorMark R. Payne D.C.This article will wind up the third (and final) year of my column here with American Chiropractor. I've used a lot of ink in the past thirty five issues dealing with various aspects of postural rehabilitation, so I'd like to...Read More >>
INTERNAL HEALTH: A Chiropractic Specialty Spinal Flexibility TestsDr. Howard F. Loomis, D.C.I have noticed, during 25 years of teaching seminars, that all healthcare professions seek therapeutic corrections for alleviation of symptoms, a “this-for-that approach.” Seldom do we seem to focus on finding the cause of the symptoms. In this column I...Read More >>
Neuro Modulation Technique: Interview With Dr. Leslie FeinbergBill Koch, D.C.We live in what is often called “the age of information”. In recent decades the United States has been making the transition from a major producer of manufactured goods to a major provider of information as the primary national...Read More >>

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